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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Also they sent into Flanders to the ladie Mar|garet, sister to king Edward,Margaret duchesse of Burgognie sister to king Edward the fourth, hir malicious mind to Lan|caster house. & late wife to Charles duke of Burgognie, to purchase aid and helpe at hir hands. This ladie Margaret bare no small rule in the low countries, and in verie déed sore grudged in hir heart, that king Henrie (being descended of the house of Lancaster) should reigne and gouerne the realme of England: and therefore, though she well vnderstood that this was but a coloured matter; yet to worke hir malicious intention against king Hen|rie, she was glad to haue so fit an occasion: and ther|fore promised the messengers all the aid that she should be able to make in furtherance of the quarell; and also to procure all the fréends she could in other places, to be alders and partakers of the same con|spiracie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 King Henrie aduertised of all these dooings, was greatlie vexed therewith: and therefore to haue good aduise in the matter, he called togither his councell at the Charterhouse beside his manor of Richmond, and there consulted with them, by which means best this begun conspiracie might be appeased and disap|pointed without more disturbance.A generall pardon excep|ting no offẽse. It was therefore determined, that a generall pardon should be publi|shed to all offendors that were content to receiue the same. This pardon was so fréelie granted, that no of|fense was excepted, no not so much as high treason committed against the kings roiall person. It was further agréed in the same councell for the time then present,Order taken that the yoong earle of War|wike should be shewed abroad. that the earle of Warwike should personal|lie be shewed abroad in the citie, and other publike places: whereby the vntrue report falselie spred a|broad, that he should be in Ireland, might be among the communaltie prooued and knowne for a vaine imagined lie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this solemne councell, diuerse & manie things for the wealth of the realme were debated and con|cluded. And among other it was determined, that the ladie Elizabeth wife to king Edward the fourth,Ladie Eliza|beth late wife to king Ed|ward the fourth, adiud|ged to forfeit all hir lands, for promise-breaking. should loose and forfeit all hir lands and possessions, bi|cause she had voluntarilie submitted hir selfe and hir daughters wholie to the hands of king Richard, con|trarie to hir promise made to the lords and nobles of this realme in the beginning of the conspiracie made against king Richard, whereby she did inough to haue quailed all the purpose of them that ioined with hir in that matter. But though hir fault was gree|uous, yet was it iudged by some men that she deser|ued not by equitie of iustice so great a losse and pu|nishment. Howbeit, this iudgement was altogither affectionate and parciall in hir behalfe; besides that it was reasonable in great measure (all circumstan|ces considered) for she was not lightlie induced to doo as she did, neither stood it with the frailtie of a woman to withstand the temptations of a mightie man, or rather a reaching tyrant.

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