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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 If in the night he chanced to be taken, then should he not rise out of his bed for the space of foure and twentie houres, so casting the clothes that he might in no wise prouoke the sweat, but lie so temperatlie, that the water might distill out softlie of the owne accord, and to absteine from all meat if he might so long suffer hunger, and to take no more drinke nei|ther hotnor cold, than would moderatelie quench and asswage his thirstie appetite. Thus with lukewarme drinke, temperate heate, and measurable cloaths manie escaped: few which vsed this order (after it was found out) died of that sweat. Marie one point diligentlie aboue all other in this cure is to be obser|ued, that he neuer did put his hand or feet out of the bed to refresh or coole himselfe, which to doo is no lesse ieopardie than short and present death. Thus this dis|ease comming in the first yeare of king Henries reigne, was iudged (of some) to be a token and signe of a troublous reigne of the same king, as the proofe partlie afterwards shewed it selfe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king re|quested a prest of six thousand markes.The king standing in néed of monie to discharge such debts, and to mainteine such port as was be|houefull, sent the lord treasuror with maister Regi|nald Braie, and others, vnto the lord maior of Lon|don, requiring of the citie a prest of six thousand marks. Wherevpon the said lord maior and his bre|thren, with the commons of the citie, granted a prest of two thousand pounds, which was leuied of the companies, and not of the wards: and in the yeare next insuing, it was well and trulie againe repaid e|uerie penie, to the good contentation and satisfieng of them that disbursed it. The king considering that the suertie of his roiall estate and defense of the realme consisted chéefelie in good lawes and ordinances to be had and obserued among his people,A parlement summoned & new lawes for the com|monwealth enacted. summoned eft|soones his high court of parlement, therein to deuise and establish some profitable acts and statutes, for the wealth and commoditie of his people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this, hauing set things in quiet about Lon|don, he tooke his iournie into the North parts, there to purge all the dregs of malicious treson that might rest in the hearts of vnquiet persons,The king go|eth into the North. and namelie in Yorkeshire, where the people bare more fauour vnto king Richard in his life time, than those of anie other part of the realme had commonlie doone. He kept the feast of Easter at Lincolne; where he was certified that the lord Louell and Humfrie Stafford, and Tho|mas Stafford, his brother, were departed out of the sanctuarie at Colchester, to what place or whither, no man as yet could tell. The king little regarding the matter, kept on his iournie, and came to Yorke, where as soone as he was once setled, it was openlie shewed and declared for a truth to the king himselfe, that Francis lord Louell was at hand with a strong and mightie power of men,A rebellion made by the [...]rd Louell and others. and would with all dili|gence inuade the citie.

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