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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Shortlie after,Yeomen of the gard first brought in. for the better preseruation of his roiall person, he constituted and ordeined a certeine number, as well of archers, as of diuerse other per|sons, hardie, strong, and actiue to giue dailie atten|dance on his person, whom he named yeomen of his gard, which president men thought that he learned of the French king when he was in France. For it is not remembred, that anie king of England before that daie vsed anie such furniture of dailie souldiers. ¶ In this same yéere a new kind of sickenes inuaded suddenlie the people of this land, passing through the same from the one end to the other. It began about the one and twentith of September, and continued vntill the latter end of October, being so sharpe and deadlie, that the like was neuer heard of to anie mans remembrance before that time.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 For suddenlie a deadlie burning sweat so assai|led their bodies,The swea|ting sicke|nesse. and distempered their bloud with a most ardent heat, that scarse one amongst an hun|dred that sickened did escape with life: for all in ma|ner as soone as the sweat tooke them, or within a short time after, yéelded the ghost. Beside the great number which deceassed within the citie of London, two maiors successiuelie died within eight daies and sir aldermen. At length, by the diligent obseruation of those that escaped (which marking what things had EEBO page image 764 doone them good, and holpen to their deliuerance, vsed the like againe. When they fell into the same disease, the second or third time, as to diuerse it chanced, a remedie was found for that mortall maladie, which was this.A remedie for the sweating sickenesse. If a man on the day time were taken with the sweat, then should he streight lie downe with all his clothes and garments, and continue in his sweat foure and twentie houres, after so moderate a sort as might be.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 If in the night he chanced to be taken, then should he not rise out of his bed for the space of foure and twentie houres, so casting the clothes that he might in no wise prouoke the sweat, but lie so temperatlie, that the water might distill out softlie of the owne accord, and to absteine from all meat if he might so long suffer hunger, and to take no more drinke nei|ther hotnor cold, than would moderatelie quench and asswage his thirstie appetite. Thus with lukewarme drinke, temperate heate, and measurable cloaths manie escaped: few which vsed this order (after it was found out) died of that sweat. Marie one point diligentlie aboue all other in this cure is to be obser|ued, that he neuer did put his hand or feet out of the bed to refresh or coole himselfe, which to doo is no lesse ieopardie than short and present death. Thus this dis|ease comming in the first yeare of king Henries reigne, was iudged (of some) to be a token and signe of a troublous reigne of the same king, as the proofe partlie afterwards shewed it selfe.

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