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19.1. An act for the establishing of the crowne in the line of Henrie the seauenth.

An act for the establishing of the crowne in the line of Henrie the seauenth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _BE it ordeined, established, and en|acted by this present parlement, that the inheritance of the crown of this realme of England, & also of France, with all the preheminence, and dignitie roiall to the same apperteining, all other seigniories to the king belonging beyond the sea, with the appurtenances thereto in anie wise due or apperteining, shall rest, remaine, and abide, in the most roiall person of our now souereigne lord king Henrie the seuenth, and in the heires of his bodie lawfullie comming, perpetual|lie, with the grace of God so to indure, and in none other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Beside this act, all atteindors of this king enacted by king Edward and king Richard were adnihila|ted, and the record of the same iudged to be defaced; and all persons atteinted for his cause and occasion were restored to their goods, lands, and possessions. Diuerse acts also made in the time of king Edward and king Richard were reuoked, and other adiudged more expedient for the common wealth were put in their places and concluded. After the dissolution of this parlement, the king remembring his fréends left in hostage beyond the seas,The king re|d [...]meth his [...]ostages. that is to wit, the marquesse Dorset, & sir Iohn Bourchier, he with all conuenient spéed redéemed them, and sent also into Flanders for Iohn Morton bishop of Elie. These acts performed, he chose to be of his councell a con|uenient number of right graue and wise councel|lors.

¶ This did he,

Abr. Flem. ex subsequentib.

See the histo|rie of Englãd pag. 124.

See also D. Powels histo|rie of Wales, pag. 2, and 376, 377, &c.

that he might the more roiallie go|uerne his kingdome, which he obteined and inioied as a thing by God elected and prouided, and by his e|speciall fauour and gratious aspect compassed and at|chiued. Insomuch that men commonlie report that seauen hundred nintie & seauen yéeres passed, it was by a heauenlie voice reuealed to Cadwalader last king of Britains, that his stocke & progenie should reigne in this land & beare dominion againe. Where|vpon most men were persuaded in their owne opini|on, that by this heauenlie voice he was prouided & or|deined long before to inioy & obteine this kingdome. Which thing K. Henrie the sixt did also shew before,Sée before in Edward the fourth, pag. 678. as it were by propheticall inspiration, at such time as the earle of Penbroke presented the said Henrie (at that time a proper child) vnto Henrie the sixt, whome after he had beheld, and a good while viewed the come|linesse of his countenance, and orderlie lineaments of his bodie, he said to such peeres as stood about him: Lo, suerlie this is he, to whome both we and our ad|uersaries, leauing the possession of all things, shall hereafter giue roome and place: & so it came to passe by the appointment of God, to whose gouernement, gift, and disposing, all realmes and all dominions are subiect, as king Dauid confesseth, saieng:
Omnia sunt regno subdita regna Dei.Gu. Ha. in psal. 103. ]

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