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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There was beside him in the castell of Sheriffe|huton the ladie Elizabeth eldest daughter to king Edward the fourth, whome king Richard (as ye haue heard) meant to haue married: but God otherwise ordeined for hir, and preserued hir from that vnlaw|full copulation and incestuous bed. Shortlie after, she being accompanied with a great number as well of noblemen, as honourable matrons, was with good spéed conueied to London, and brought to hir moo|ther. In the meane season king Henrie remooued for|ward by soft iournies towards London, the people comming in from all sides to behold him, and excee|dinglie reioising at his presence,King Henrie commeth to London. as by their voices and gestures it well appeared.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At his approching néere to the citie, the maior and his brethren, with other worshipfull citizens, being clothed in violet, met him at Shordich, and reuerent|lie saluted him: and so with great pompe and tri|umph he rode thorough the citie to the cathedrall church of S. Paule, where he offered three standards. In the one was the image of saint George, in an o|ther was a red fierie dragon beaten vpon white and greene sarcenet, and in the third was painted a dun cow vpon yellow tarterne. After his praiers said, and Te Deum soong, he departed to the bishops palace, and there soiourned a season. Anon a [...]ter, he as|sembled togither the sage councellors of the realme, in which councell like a prince of iust faith, and true of promise, to auoid all ciuill discord, he appointed a daie to ioine in marriage with the ladie Elizabeth, heire of the house of Yorke; with his noble perso|nage, heire to the line of Lancaster. Which thing not onelie reioised the hearts of the nobles and gentle|men of the realme, but also gained the fauours and good wils of all the commons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, with great pompe he rowed vnto West|minster, & there the thirtith daie of October he was with all ceremonies accustomed, annointed, & crow|ned king, by the whole assent as well of the com|mons as of the nobilitie,Henrie the s [...]uenth crow|ned king. and called Henrie the sea|uenth of that name: which was in the yeare of the world 5452, and after the birth of our Lord 1485, in the fortie and sixt yeare of Frederike the third then emperour of Almaine, Maximilian his sonne being newlie elected king of the Romans, in the second yeare of Charles the eight then king of France, and in the fiue and twentith of king Iames then ruling the realme of Scotland. For the establishing of all things, as well touching the preseruation of his owne estate, as the commendable administration of iustice and preferrement of the common wealth of his realme,A parlement at Westmin|ster, with an atteindor and a pardon g [...]|nerall. he called his high court of parlement at Westminster the seauenth daie of Nouember, wherein was atteinted Richard late duke of Gloce|ster, calling and naming himselfe by vsurpation, king Richard the third.

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