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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But fortune was so fauourable to the publike wealth of the realme of England, that this deadlie and dolorous compact tooke none effect or place. For while posts ran, and letters were sent to and fro for the finishing of this great enterprise betwéene king Richard and Peter Landoise,Bishop Mor|ton preuen|teth & defea|teth the prac|tises of king Richard and Peter Lan|doise. Iohn Morton bishop of Elie (soiourning then in Flanders) was of all this craftie conueiance certified by his secret and sure fréends. Wherefore he sent Christopher Urswike (which at that verie season was come out of Britaine EEBO page image 748 into Flanders) to declare to the earle of Richmond how all the deceit and craftie working was conueied and compassed, giuing him charge to counsell and aduise the earle in all hast possible with all his com|panie to retire out of Britaine into France.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When these newes were brought to the earle, he then kept house in Uannes, and incontinent dispat|ched againe Christopher Urswike vnto Charles the French king, requiring him that he and his might safelie passe into France. Which desire being obtei|ned, the messenger shortlie returned to his lord and prince. The earle, well perceiuing that it was expe|dient and necessarie, with all spéed and diligence to looke to this weightie matter, calling verie few to counsell, he made inquirie and search of all secret & by-waies, & sent before all his noble men, as though for a certeine familiaritie and kindnesse they should visit and comfort the duke, which then (for recreation and change of aire) laie on the borders and confines of France.The earle of Penbroke cõ|ductor of the earle of Rich|monds com|panie. And secretlie he gaue charge to the earle of Penbroke, which was the leader and conductor of his companie, that when they approched the marches and limits of Britaine, they should diuert and take the next waie into France.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The noble men somewhat suspicious of things newlie imagined, without any tarieng, scowring the waies as fast as their horsses could runne, came out of the duchie of Britaine into the duchie of Aniou in the dominion of France, where they taried the erles comming, which two daies after departed out of Uannes,The earles small traine for a policie. onelie accompanied with flue seruitors, as though he had gone secretlie to visit a familiar friend of his, in a small village adioining. No man suspec|ted that he would depart, considering that a great multitude of Englishmen were left and continued in the citie. But after that he had passed directlie fiue miles forward, he suddenlie turned into a solitarie wood next adioining, where clothing himselfe in the simple coat of his poore seruant, made and appointed his said minister leader and maister of his small com|panie,The earle ap|parelled like a page attẽdeth vpõ one of his men as his maister. & he as an humble page diligentlie followed and serued his counterfeit gouernor, neither resting nor refreshing themselues, except the baiting of their horsses, till they by waies vnknowne, now this way, now turning that way, came to their companie a|biding them in Angiers.

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