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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Meaning by the hog, the dreadfull wild boare, which was the kings cognisance. But bicause the first line ended in dog, the metrician could not (obseruing the regiments of méeter) end the second verse in boare, but called the boare an hog. This poeticall schoolemaister, corrector bréefs and longs, caused Collingborne to be abbreuiated shorter by the head,Collingborne executed. and to be diuided into foure quarters.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Here is to be noted,Collingborne indictment. that beside the rime which is reported by some to be the onelie cause for which this gentleman suffered, I find in a register booke of in|dictements concerning fellonies and treasons by sundrie persons committed, that the said Colling|borne (by the name of William Collingborne) late of Lidyard in the countie of Wilshire esquier, and o|ther his associats were indicted in London: for that they about the tenth daie of Iulie, in this second yeare of king Richards reigne, in the parish of saint Botulphes in Portsoken ward had solicited and re|quested one Thomas Yate, offering to him for his paines eight pounds, to go ouer into Britaine vnto Henrie erle of Richmond,Collingbo [...] a fauourer [...] the earle of Richmond. Thomas marquesse Dor|set, Iohn Cheineie esquier, and others, which in the last parlement holden at Westminster had beene atteinted of sundrie high treasons by them practised within the kings dominion.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Besides this, to declare vnto them that they should doo verie well, to returne into England with all such power as they might get before the feast of S. Luke the euangelist next insuing; for so they might receiue all the whole reuenues of the realme due at the feast of saint Michael next before the said feast of saint Luke. And that if the said earle of Richmond and his partakers,Collingborne purpose to [...] the erle a [...] his arriuall at Pole in Dor|setshire. following the counsell of the said Colling|borne, would arriue at the hauen of Pole in Dor|setshire, he the said Collingborne and other his asso|ciats would cause the people to rise in armes, and to leuie warre against king Richard, taking part with the said earle and his freends; so that all things should be at their commandements. Moreouer, to mooue the said earle to send the said Iohn Cheineie vnto the French king, to aduertise him that his ambassadors sent into England should be dallied with, onelie to driue off the time till the winter season were past, and that then in the beginning of summer king Richard meant to make warre into France, inuading that realme with all puissance: and so by this meanes to persuade the French king to aid the earle of Rich|mond and his partakers, in their quarell against king Richard.

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