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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 And if the said two linages of Yorke and Lan|caster,The dukes resolution not to medle in seéking to ob|teine the crowne. which so long haue striued for the imperiall di|adem, should ioine in one against me, then were I suerlie mated, and the game gotten. Wherefore I haue cléerelie determined, and with my selfe conclu|ded, vtterlie to relinquish all such fantasticall ima|ginations, concerning the obteining of the crowne. But all such plagues, calamities and troubles, which I feared and suspected might haue chanced on me if I had taken the rule and regiment of this realme, I shall with a reredemaine so make them rebound to to our common enimie that calleth himselfe king, that the best stopper that he hath at tenice shall not well stop without a fault.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 For (as I told you before) the counfesse of Rich|mond in my returne from the new named king, méeting me in the high waie, pra [...]ed me first for kin|red sake, secondar [...]lie for the loue that I bare to my grandfather duke Humfrie, which was sworne bro|ther to hir father, so mooue the king to be good to hir sonne Henrie earle of Richmond, and to licence him with his fauour to returne againe into England. And if it were his pleasure so to doo, she promised that the earle hir sonne should marrie one of king Ed|wards daughters, at the appointment of the king, without anie thing to be taken or demanded for the said espousals, but onelie the kings fauour: which re|quest I soone ouerpassed, and gaue hir faire words, and so departed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But after in my lodging, when I called to memo|rie with a deliberate studie, and did circumspectlie ponder them, I fullie adiudged, that the Holie-ghost caused hir to mooue a thing (the end whereof she could not consider) both for the securitie of the realme, as also for the preferment of hir child, and the destruction and finall confusion of the common enimie king Ri|chard. Which thing, she neither then thought (I am sure) as I by hir words could make coniecture, nor I my selfe cast not hir desire to be so profitable to the realme, as I now doo perceiue. But such a Lord is God, that with a little sparkle he kindleth a great fire, and (to the admiration of the world) of impossibi|lities he maketh possibilities, of small beginnings mightie increasings, of drops great flouds.

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