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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This old adage so sanke and settled in my head, that I thought it a great errour, and extreame mis|chiefe EEBO page image 739 to the whole realme, either to suffer the yoong king to rule, or the quéene his mother to be a gouer|nesse ouer him, considering that hir brethren, and hir first children (although they were not extract of high and noble linage) tooke more vpon them, and more ex|alted themselues, by reason of the quéene, than did the kings brethren, or anie duke in his realme: which in conclusion turned to their confusion. Then I being persuaded with my selfe in this point, thought it ne|cessarie both for the publike and profitable wealth of this realme, and also for mine owne commoditie and emolnment, to take part with the duke of Glo|cester; whom (I assure you) I thought to be as cleane without dissimulation, as tractable without iniurie, as mercifull without crueltie; as now I know him perfectlie to be a dissembler without veritie, a tyrant without pitie, yea & worse than the tyrant Phalaris, destitute of all truth and clemencie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And so by my meanes, at the first councell hol|den at London, when he was most suspected of that thing that after happened (as you my lord know well inough) he was made protector and defendor both of the king and of the realme, which authoritie once gotten, & the two children partlie by An vnhappie policie tend|ing to slaugh|ter & bloushed. policie brought vnder his gouernance, he being mooued with that gnawing and couetous serpent desire to reigne, neuer ceassed priuilie to exhort and require, yea and sometimes with minatorie tearmes to persuade me and other lords, as well spirituall as temporall, that he might take vpon him the crowne, till the prince came to the age of foure and twentie yeares, and were able to gouerne the realme, as a ripe and sufficient king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Which thing when he saw me somewhat sticke at, both for the strangenesse of the example (bicause no such president had béene séene) and also bicause we re|membred that men once ascended to the highest type of honour and authoritie, will not gladlie descend a|gaine; he then brought in instruments, autentike doctors, proctors, and notaries of the law, with depo|sitions of diuerse witnesses, testifieng king Ed|wards children to be bastards. Which depositions then I thought to be as true, as now I know them to be feined; and testified by persons with rewards vntrulie suborned. When the said depositions were before vs read and diligentlie heard, he stood vp bare|headed, saieng: Well my lords, euen as I and you (sage and discréet councellors) would that my nephue should haue no wrong; so I praie you doo me nothing but right. For these witnesses & saiengs of famous doctors being true, I am onelie the vndubitate heire to lord Richard Plantagenet duke of Yorke, adiud|ged to be the verie heire to the crowne of this relme by authoritie of parlement.

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