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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But now my lord to conclude what I meane to|ward your noble person, I saie and affirme, if you loue God, your linage, or your natiue countrie, you must your selfe take vpon you the crowne and impe|riall diademe of this noble empire, both for the main|tenance of the honour of the same (which so long hath flourished in fame and renowme) as also for the deli|uerance of your naturall countrimen, from the bon|dage and thraldome (woorse than the captiuitie of Ae|gypt) of so cruell a tyrant and arrogant oppressor. For thus I dare saie, if anie forren prince or potentate, yea the Turke himselfe would take vpon him the re|giment here, and the crowne, the commons would rather admit and obeie him, than to liue vnder such a bloudsucker and child-killer. But how much more ioifull and glad would they be to liue vnder your grace, whome they all know to be a ruler méet and conuenient for them, and they to be louing and obe|dient subiects, méet to liue vnder such a gouernour? Despise not, nor forsake not so manifest an occasion so louinglie offered.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And if you your selfe, knowing the paine and tra|uell that apperteineth to the office of a king, or for any other consideration, will refuse to take vpon you the crowne and scepter of this realme:The bishop adiureth the duke to release the realme by some deuise from the pre|sent euill state. then I adiure you, by the faith that you owe to God, by your honor and by your oth made to saint George, patrone of the noble order of the garter (whereof you be a compani|on) and by the loue and affection that you beare to your natiue countrie, and the people of the same; to deuise some waie, how this realme (now being in mi|serie) may by your high discretion and princelie poli|cie, be brought and reduced to some suertie and conue|nient regiment, vnder some good gouernour by you to be appointed: for you are the verie patrone, the onelie helpe, refuge and comfort for the poore amazed and desolate commons of this realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 For if you could either deuise to set vp againe the linage of Lancaster, or aduance the eldest daughter of king Edward to some high and puissant prince, not onelie the new crowned king shall small time inioy the glorie of his dignitie; but also all ciuill war should ceasse, all domesticall discord should sléepe, and peace, profit and quietnesse should be set foorth and im|braced. When the bishop had thus ended his saieng, the duke sighed, and spake not of a great while. Which sore abashed the bishop, and made him change colour. Which thing when the duke perceiued, he said; Be not afraid my lord, all promises shall be kept, to mor|row we will common more: let vs go to supper. So that night they communed no more, not a little to the disquieting of the bishop, which now was euen as de|sirous to know the dukes mind and intent, as the duke longed the daie before to know his opinion and meaning.

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