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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Then said the king merilie to them; What sirs, be ye in bed so soone? And calling vp sir Iames, brake to him secretlie his mind in this mischéeuous mat|ter. In which he found him nothing strange. Where|fore on the morow he sent him to Brakenberie with a letter,The constable of the Tower deliuereth the keies to sir Iames Tir|rell vpon the kings com|mandement. by which he was commanded to deliuer sir Iames all the keies of the Tower for one night, to the end he might there accomplish the kings plea|sure, in such things as he had giuen him commande|ment. After which letter deliuered, & the keies recei|ued, sir Iames appointed the night next insuing to destroie them, deuising before and preparing the meanes. The prince (as soone as the protector left that name, and tooke himselfe as king) had it shewed vn|to him, that he should not reigne, but his vncle shuld haue the crowne. At which word the prince sore aba|shed, began to sigh, and said: Alas, I would my vn|cle would let me haue my life yet, though I leese my kingdome.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The two princes shut vp in close [...].Then he that told him the tale, vsed him with good words, and put him in the best comfort he could. But foorthwith was the prince and his brother both shut vp, & all other remooued from them, onelie one (cal|led Blacke Will, or William Slaughter) excepted, set to serue them and sée them sure. After which time the prince neuer tied his points, nor ought rought of himselfe; but with that yoong babe his brother, lin|gered with thought and heauinesse, vntill this traito|rous death deliuered them of that wretchednesse. For sir Iames Tirrell deuised, that they should be mur|thered in their beds. To the execution whereof, he ap|pointed Miles Forrest, one of the foure that kept them,The two murtherers of the two prin|ces appointed. a fellow fleshed in murther before time. To him he ioined one Iohn Dighton his owne horsse|kéeper, a big, broad, square, and strong knaue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Then all the other being remooued from them, this Miles Forrest, and Iohn Dighton, about mid|night (the séelie children lieng in their beds) came in|to the chamber,The yoong K. and his bro|ther murthe|red in their beds at mid| [...]ight in the Tower. & suddenlie lapping them vp among the clothes, so to bewrapped them and intangled them, keeping downe by force the fether-bed and pillowes hard vnto their mouths, that within a while, smoothe|red and stifled, their breath failing, they gaue vp to God their innocent soules into the ioies of heauen, leauing to the tormentors their bodies dead in the bed. Which after that the wretches perceiued, first by the strugling with the paines of death, and after long lieng still, to be thoroughlie dead, they laid their bo|dies naked out vpon the bed, and fetched sir Iames to sée them; which vpon the sight of them caused those murtherers to burie them at the staire foot, meetlie déepe in the ground, vnder a great heape of stones.

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