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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 On euerie side of the king stood a duke, and before him stood the earle of Surrie with the sword in his hands. And on euerie side of the quéene standing a bishop, & a ladie kneeling. The cardinall soong masse, and after pax, the king and the queene descended, and before the high altar they were both houseled, with one host diuided betweene them. After masse fini|shed, they both offered at saint Edward his shrine, and there the king left the crowne of saint Edward, and put on his owne crowne. And so in order as they came, they departed to Westminster hall; and so to their chambers for a season: during which time the duke of Norffolke came into the hall, his horsse trap|ped to the ground in cloth of gold, as high marshall, and voided the hall. About foure of the clocke, the king and queene entered the hall, and the king sate in the middle, and the queene on the left hand of the table, and on euerie side of hir stood a countesse, holding a cloth of pleasance, when she list to drinke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 And on the right hand of the king sat the bishop of Canturburie. The ladies sat all on one side, in the middle of the hall. And at the table against them sat the chancellor and all the lords. At the table next the cupboord, sat the maior of London; and at the table behind the lords, sat the barons of the ports: and at the other tables sat noble and worshipfull persona|ges. When all persons were set, the duke of Norf|folke earle marshall, the earle of Surrie, constable for that daie, the lord Stanlie lord steward, sir Wil|liam Hopton treasuror, & sir Thomas Persie con|trollor, came in and serued the king solemnelie, with one dish of gold, and an other of siluer, and the quéene all in gilt vessell, and the bishop all in siluer.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 At the second course came into the hall sir Robert Dimmocke the kings champion,Sir Robert Dimmocke the kings champion his challenge in the behalfe of king Richard. making proclama|tion, that whosoeuer would saie, that king Richard was not lawfull king, he would fight with him at the vtterance, and threw downe his gantlet, and then all the hall cried; King Richard. And so he did in thrée parts of the hall, and then one brought him a cup of wine couered, and when he had drunke, he cast out the drinke, and departed with the cup. After that, the heralds cried a largesse thrise in the hall, and so went vp to their stage. At the end of dinner, the maior of London serued the king & quéene with swéete wine, and had of each of them a cup of gold, with a couer of gold. And by that time that all was doone, it was darke night. And so the king returned to his cham|ber, and euerie man to his lodging.

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