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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Then began he to descend into the praise of the lord Richard late duke of Yorke,This prea|cher was taught his lesson yer he came into the pulpit. calling him father to the lord protector, and declared the title of his heires vnto the crowne, to whome it was (after the death of king Henrie the sixt) intailed by authoritie of parle|ment. Then shewed he that his verie right heire of his bodie lawfullie begotten was onelie the lord pro|tector. For he declared then,K. Edward s [...]andered in a sermon. that king Edward was neuer lawfullie married vnto the queene, but was before God husband vnto dame Elizabeth Lucie, and so his children bastards. And besides that, neither king Edward himselfe, nor the duke of Clarence, among those that were secret in the houshold, were reckoned verie suerlie for the children of the noble duke, as those that by their fauours more resembled other knowne men than him. From whose vertuous conditions he said also that the late king Edward was far off.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But the lord protector he said, the verie noble prince, the speciall paterne of knightlie prowesse, as well in all princelie behauior, as in the lineaments and fauour of his visage, represented the verie face of the noble duke his father. This is, quoth he, the fa|thers owne figure, this is his owne countenance, the verie print of his visage, the sure vndoubted image, the plaine expresse likenesse of that noble duke. Now was it before deuised,A maruelous deuise to mooue the assemblie. that in the speaking of these words, the protector should haue comen in a|mong the people to the sermon ward, to the end that those words méeting with his presence, might haue béen taken among the hearers, as though the Holie-ghost had put them in the preachers mouth, & should haue mooued the people euen there to crie; King Ri|chard, king Richard! that it might haue béene after said, that he was speciallie chosen by God, and in EEBO page image 728 maner by miracle. But this deuise quailed, either by the protectors negligence, or the preachers ouermuch diligence.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 For while the protector found by the waie tarieng least he should preuent those words, and the doctor fearing that he should come yer his sermon could come to these words, hasted his matter thereto, he was come to them and past them, and entred into o|ther matters yer the protector came. Whome when he beheld comming, he suddenlie left the matter with which he was in hand, and without anie deduction therevnto, out of all order and out of all frame, began to repeat those words againe:K. Richard commended by the prea|cher.

This is the verie no|ble prince, the speciall patrone of knightlie prowesse, which as well in all princelie behauior, as in the line|aments & fauor of his visage, representeth the verie face of the noble duke of Yorke his father: this is the fathers owne figure, this is his owne countenance, the verie print of his visage, the sure vndoubted i|mage, the plaine expresse likenesse of the noble duke, whose remembrance can neuer die while he liueth.

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