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Compare 1577 edition: 1 I would not be a king with that condition,Libertie pre|ferred before [...] kingdome. to for|beare mine owne libertie in choise of mine owne mariage. As for possibilitie of more inheritance by new affinitie in strange lands, is oft the occasion of more trouble than profit. And we haue alreadie title by that meanes vnto so much, as sufficeth to get and kéepe well in one mans daies. That she is a widow, and hath alreadie children; by Gods blessed ladie, I am a bacheler, and haue some too, and so ech of vs hath a proofe that neither of vs is like to be barren. And therefore (madame) I praie you be content, I trust in God she shall bring foorth a yoong prince that shall please you. And as for the bigamie, let the bishop EEBO page image 727 hardlie laie it in my waie when I come to take or|ders. For I vnderstand it is forbidden a préest, but I neuer wist it yet, that it was forbidden a prince. [This spake he as alluding to the libertie of princes, whose lust standeth oftentimes for law, and their opi|nion for reason, according to the saieng of the poet;

—tunc omnia iure tenebis,
Cùm poteris rex esse. [...].]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duches with these words nothing appeased, and séeing the king so set thereon, that she could not pull him backe, so highlie she disdained it, that vnder pre|text of hi [...] dutie to Godward, she deuised to disturbe this mariage, and rather to helpe that he should ma|rie one dame Elizabeth Lucie, whome the king had also not long before gotten with child. Wherefore the kings mother openlie obiected against his mariage, as it were in discharge of hir conscience, that the king was sure to dame Elizabeth Lucie and hir hus|band before God.El [...]zabeth Lucie. By reason of which words, such ob|stacle was made in the matter, that either the bi|shops durst not, or the king would not proceed to the solemnization of this wedding, till these same were clearlie purged, and the truth well and openlie testi|fied. Wherevpon dame Elizabeth Lucie was then sent for.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 And albeit that she was by the kings mother and manie other put in good comfort, to affirme that she was ensured vnto the king: yet when she was so|lemnlie sworne to saie the truth, she confessed that they were neuer ensured. Howbeit she said his grace spake so louing words vnto hir, that she verelie ho|ped he would haue married hir. And that if it had not béene for such kind words, she would neuer haue shewed such kindnesse to him, to let him so kindlie get hir with child. This examination solemnelie ta|ken, when it was cléerelie perceiued, that there was none impediment:The kings mariage. the king with great feast and honourable solemnitie married dame Elizabeth Greie, and hir crowned queene that was his enimies wife, and manie times had praied full hartilie for his losse, in which God loued hir better than to grant hir hir boune.

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