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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But certeine it is, that doctor Shaw was of coun|sell in the begining, so farre foorth that they determi|ned that he should first breake the matter in a ser|mon at Paules crosse, in which he should (by the au|thoritie of his preaching) incline the people to the pro|tectors ghostlie purpose. But now was all the labor and studie in the deuise of some conuenient pretext, for which the people should be content to depose the prince, and accept the protector for king. In which di|uerse things they deuised.The chiefest deuise to de|pose the prince. But the chéefe thing & the weightiest of all that inuention rested in this, that they should alledge bastardie, either in king Ed|ward himselfe, or in his children, or both. So that he should séeme disabled to inherit the crowne, by the duke of Yorke, and the prince by him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 To laie bastardie in king Edward, sounded open|lie to the rebuke of the protectors owne mother, which was mother to them both; for in that point could be no other color, but to pretend that his owne mother was an adultresse, which notwithstanding, to fur|ther this purpose he letted not. But neuerthelesse he would that point should be lesse and more fauoura|blie handled: not euen fullie plaine and directlie, but that the matter should be touched aslope craftilie, as EEBO page image 726 though men spared in that point to speake all the truth, for feare of his displeasure. But the other point concerning the bastardie that they deuised to surmize in king Edwards children, that would he should be openlie declared and inforced to the vttermost. The colour and pretext whereof cannot be well perceiued, but if we first repeat you some things long before doone about king Edwards mariage.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After that king Edward the fourth had deposed king Henrie the sixt, and was in peaceable possession of the realme, determining himselfe to marie (as it was meet both for him selfe & the realme) he sent ouer in ambassage the erle of Warwike,Sée before pag. 667, 668. with other noble men in his companie to Spaine, to treat & conclude a mariage betwéene K. Edward & the kings daugh|ter of Spaine. In which thing the erle of Warwike found the parties so toward & willing, that he speedily (according to his instructions without any difficultie) brought the matter to very good cõclusion. Now hap|ned it,Dame Eliza|beth Greie. that in the meane season there came to make a sute by petition to the king dame Elizabeth Greie, which was after his quéene, at that time a widow, borne of noble bloud, by hir mother, duches of Bed|ford, ye [...] she maried the lord Wooduile, hir father.

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