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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Finallie, in manie weightie sutes she stood ma|nie a man in great stead, either for none or verie small rewards, and those rather gaie than rich; either that she was content with the déed it selfe well doone; or for that she delighted to be sued vnto, and to shew what she was able to doo with the king; or for that wanton women and wealthie be not alwaies coue|tous. I doubt not some shall thinke this woman too slight a thing to be written of, and set among the re|membrances of great matters: which they shall spe|ciallie thinke, that happilie shall estéeme hir onelie by that they now sée hir.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But me séemeth the chance so much the more wor|thie to be remembred, in how much she is now in the more beggerlie condition, vnfréended and worne out of acquaintance, after good substance, after as great fauour with the prince, after as great sute and see|king to with all those, that those daies had businesse to speed, as manie other men were in their times, which be now famous onelie by the infamie of their ill déeds. Hir dooings were not much lesse, albeit they be much lesse remembred, bicause they were not so e|uill. For men vse if they haue an euill turne, to write it in marble: and who so dooth vs a good turne, we write it in dust, which is not worst prooued by hir: for at this daie she beggeth of manie at this daie liuing, that at this daie had begged if she had not béene.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now was it so deuised by the protector and his councell, that the selfe daie, in which the lord cham|berleine was beheaded in the Tower of London, and about the selfe same houre, was there (not with|out his assent) beheaded at Pomfret, the foreremem|bred lords & knights that were taken from the king at Northampton and Stonie Stratford. Which thing was doone in the presence, and by the order of sir Richard Ratcliffe knight, whose seruice the protec|tor speciallie vsed in that councell,Sir Richard Ratcliffe. and in the executi|on of such lawlesse enterprises, as a man that had béene long secret with him, hauing experience of the world, and a shrewd wit, short & rude in spéech, rough and boisterous of behauiour, bold in mischiefe, as far from pitie as from all feare of God.

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