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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This woman was borne in London, worshipful|lie friended, honestlie brought vp,The descrip|tiõ of Shores wife. and verie well ma|ried, sauing somewhat too soone, hir husband an honest citizen, yoong and godlie, & of good substance. But for|somuch as they were coupled yer she were well ripe, she not verie feruentlie loued him, for whõ she neuer longed, which was happilie the thing that the more ea|silie made hir incline vnto the kings appetite, when he required hir. Howbeit the respect of his roialtie, the hope of gaie apparell, ease, and other wanton wealth, was able soone to pearse a soft tender heart, [so that she became flexible and pliant to the kings appetite and will; being so blinded with the bright glorie of the present courtlie brauerie which shée in|ioied, that she vtterlie forgat how excellent a trea|sure good name and fame is, and of what incompara|ble swéetnesse, euen by the iudgement of him, whose match for wisdome the world neuer bred vp, saieng:

Sunt optanda magis purae bona nomina famae,Eob. Hess. [...] cles. Sal.
Nobilis vnguenti quàm pretiosus odor.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 But when the king had abused hir, anon hir hus|band (as he was an honest man, and one that could his good, not presuming to touch a kings concubine) left hir vp to him altogither. When the king died, the lord chamberleine tooke hir, which in the kings daies, albeit he was sore inamoured vpon hir, yet he forbare hir; ether for reuerence, or for a certeine friendlie faithfulnesse. Proper she was and faire; no|thing in hir bodie that you would haue changed, but if ye would haue wished hir somewhat higher. Thus saie they that knew hir in hir youth. Albeit some that now sée hir (for yet [...] when this storie was written. she liueth) deem hir neuer to haue béene well visaged: whose iudgement seemeth me somewhat like, as though men should gesse the beau|tie of one long before departed, by hir scalpe taken out of the charuell house.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 For now is she old, leane, withered, and dried vp, nothing left but riuelled skin, and hard bone. And yet EEBO page image 725 being euen such, who so well aduise hir visage, might gesse and deuise, which parts how filled would make it a faire face. Yet delighted not men so much in hir beautie, as in hir pleasant behauiour. For a proper wit had she, and could both read well and write, mer|rie in companie, readie and quicke of answer, nei|ther mute, nor full of bable, somtime tawnting with|out displeasure, and not without disport. The king would saie that he had thrée concubins, which in thrée diuerse properties diuerslie excelled.K. Edwards three concu|bines. One the mer|riest, another the wiliest, the third the holiest harlot in his realme, as one whome no man could get out of the church lightlie to any place, but it were to his bed.

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