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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Now at their comming, himselfe with the duke of Buckingham, stood harnessed in old ill faring bri|ganders, such as no man should wéene, that they would vouchsafe to haue put vpon their backs, ex|cept that some sudden necessitie had constreined them. And then the protector shewed them, that the lord chamberleine, and other of his conspiracie, had contriued to haue suddenlie destroied him, and the duke, there the same day in the councell. And what they intended further, was as yet not well knowne. Of which their treason he neuer had knowledge be|fore ten of the clocke the same forenoone, which sud|den feare draue them to put on for their defense such harnesse as came next to hand. And so had God hol|pen them, that the mischiefe turned vpon them that would haue doone it. And this he requireed them to report.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Euerie man answered him faire, as though no man mistrusted the matter, which of truth no man beléeued,The protec|tors procla|mation. Yet for the further appeasing of the peoples minds, he sent immediatlie after diner in all the hast one herald of armes, with a proclamation to be made through the citie in the kings name, contei|ning, that the lord Hastings, with diuerse other of his traitorous purpose, had before conspired the same day to haue slaine the lord protector, and the duke of Buckingham sitting in the councell; and after to haue taken vpon them to rule the king & the realme at their pleasure, and therby to pill and spoile whome they list vncontrolled. And much matter there was in that proclamation, deuised to the slander of the lord chamberleine, as that he was an ill councellor to the kings father, intising him to manie things highlie redounding to the minishing of his honour, and to the vniuersall hurt of the realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The meanes whereby; namelie, his euill companie, sinister procuring,The life and déeds of the lord chamber|leine laid open and vngratious example, as well in manie other things, as in the vicious liuing and inordinate abusion of his bodie, both with manie o|ther, and also speciallie with Shores wife, which was one also of his most secret counsell in this most hei|nous treason, with whom he laie nightlie, and name|lie the night last past next before his death. So that it was the lesse maruell, if vngratious liuing brought him to an vnhappie ending, which he was now put vnto by the most dred commandement of the kings highnesse, and of his honorable and faithfull councell, both for his demerits, being so openlie taken in his falslie conceiued treason, and also least the delaieng of his execution might haue incouraged other mis|chiefous persons, partners of his conspiracie, to ga|ther and assemble themselues togither, in making some great commotion for his deliuerance: whose hope being now by his well deserued death politike|lie repressed, all the realme should (by Gods grace) rest in good quiet and peace.

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