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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 While some for their businesse made sute to them that had the dooing, some were by their fréends secret|lie EEBO page image 722 warned, that it might happilie turne them to no good, to be too much attendant about the king with|out the protectors appointment, which remooued also diuerse of the princes old seruants from him, and set new about him. Thus manie things comming togi|ther, partlie by chance, partlie of purpose, caused at length not common people onelie, that woond with the wind, but wise men also, and some lords eke to marke the matter and muse thereon; so farre foorth that the lord Stanleie that was after earle of Der|bie, wiselie mistrusted it, and said vnto the lord Ha|stings, that he much misliked these two seuerall councels. For while we (quoth he) talke of one mat|ter in the tone place, little wot we wherof they talke in the tother place.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 My lord (quoth the lord Hastings) on my life ne|uer doubt you: for while one man is there, which is neuer thense, neuer can there be thing once mooued, that should sound amisse toward me, but it should be in mine eares yer it were well out of their mouths. This ment he by Catesbie, which was of his neere secret councell, and whome he verie familiarlie vsed, and in his most weightie matters put no man in so speciall trust, reckoning himselfe to no man so liefe, sith he well wist there was no man so much to him beholden as was this Catesbie, which was a man well learned in the lawes of this land, and by the spe|ciall fauour of the lord chamberlaine,Catesbie and his conditi|ons described. in good authori|tie, and much rule bare in all the countie of Leice|ster, where the lord chamberlains power cheefelie laie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But suerlie great pitie was it, that he had not had either more truth, or lesse wit. For his dissimula|tion onelie kept all that mischéefe vp. In whome if the lord Hastings had not put so speciall trust, the lord Stanleie & he had departed with diuerse other lords, and broken all the danse, for manie ill signes that he saw, which he now construes all to the best. So suer|lie thought he, that there could be none harme to|ward him in that councell intended, where Catesbie was. And of truth the protector and the duke of Buc|kingham made verie good semblance vnto the lord Hastings, and kept him much in companie. And vn|doubtedlie the protector loued him well, and loth was to haue lost him, sauing for feare least his life should haue quailed their purpose.

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