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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 What a rabble of théues, murtherers, and mali|cious heinous traitors, and that in two places speci|allie; the one at the elbow of the citie, the other in the verie bowels. I dare well auow it, weie the good that they doo,Westminster and saint Martins. with the hurt that commeth of them, and ye shall find it much better to lacke both, than haue both. And this I saie, although they were not abused as they now be, & so long haue be, that I feare me euer they will be, while men be afraid to set their hands to the mendment, as though God & S. Peter were the patrones of vngratious liuing. Now vn|thrifts riot & run in debt,The abuse of sanctuaries. vpon boldnesse of these pla|ces, yea, and rich men run thither with poore mens goods, there they build, there they spend, & bid there creditors go whistle them. Mens wiues run thither with their husbands plate, & saie they dare not abide with their husbands for beating. Théeues bring thi|ther their stollen goods, and there liue thereon.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There deuise they new robberies, nightlie they steale out, they rob, and reaue, and kill, and come in a|gaine, as though those places gaue them not onelie a safegard for the harme they haue doone, but a licence also to doo more. Howbeit, much of this mischiefe (if wise men would set their hands to it) might be amen|ded, with great thanks to God, and no breach of the priuilege. The residue, sith so long ago, I wote néere what pope, and what prince more pitious than politike, hath granted it, & other men since, of a cer|teine religious feare, haue not broken it, let vs take a paine therewith, and let it a Gods name stand in force, as farre foorth as reason will, which is not fullie so farre foorth, as may serue to let vs of the fetching foorth of this noble man to his honor and wealth, out of that place, in which he neither is, nor can be a sanctuarie man.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 A sanctuarie serueth alwaie to defend the bodie of that man that standeth in danger abroad,The vse of sanctuaries. not of great hurt onlie, but also of lawfull hurt: for against vnlawfull harmes, neuer pope nor king intended to priuilege anie one place, for that priuilege hath e|uerie place. Knoweth anie man, anie place wherin it is lawfull one man to doo another wrong? That no man vnlawfullie take hurt, that libertie, the king, the law, and verie nature forbiddeth in euerie place, and maketh (to that regard) for euerie man euerie place a sanctuarie. But where a man is by lawfull means in perill, there néedeth he the tuition of some speciall priuilege, which is the onelie ground and cause of all sanctuaries.

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