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Compare 1577 edition: 1 As first, Nicholas Kenton borne in Suffolke a Carmelit frier in Gippeswich, prouinciall of his or|der through England; Henrie Parker a Carmelit frier of Doncaster, preached against the pride of pre|lats, and for such doctrine as he set foorth, was impri|soned with his fellow Thomas Holden, and a cer|teine blacke frier also for the like cause; Parker was forced to recant thrée speciall articles, as Bale no|teth out of Leland; Iohn Harding an esquier borne in the north parts, wrote a chronicle in English verse, and among other speciall points therein tou|ched, he gathered all the submissions and homages had and made by the Scotish kings, euen from the daies of king Athelstan [whereby it euidentlie may appeare, how the Scotish kingdome euen in manner from the first establishing thereof here in Britaine, hath beene apperteining vnto the kings of England, and holden of them as their chéefe & superior lords.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 William Iue a doctor of diuinitie and prebenda|rie of saint Paules in London; Thomas Wilton a diuine, and deane of the said church of Paules in London; Iulian Bemes, a gentlewoman indued with excellent gifts both of bodie and mind, wrote certeine treatises of hawking and hunting, deligh|ting greatlie hir selfe in those exercises and pastimes; she wrote also a booke of the lawes of armes, and knowledge apperteining to heralds; Iohn Stam|berie borne in the west parts of this realme, a Car|melit frier, and confessor to king Henrie the sixt, he was also maister of Eaton colledge, and after was made bishop of Bangor, and remooued from thence to the sée of Hereford; Iohn Slueleie an Augustine frier, prouinciall of his order; Iohn Fortescue a iudge and chancellor of England, wrote diuerse treatises concerning the law and politike gouerne|ment.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Rochus a Chaterhouse moonke borne in London, of honest parents, and studied in the vniuersitie of Paris, he wrote diuerse epigrams; Iohn Phreas borne also in London was fellow of Balioll colledge in Oxenford, and after went into Italie, where he heard Guarinus that excellent philosopher read in Ferrara, he prooued an excellent physician and a skilfull lawier, there was not in Italie (whilest he re|mained there) that passed him in eloquence & know|ledge of both the toongs, Gréeke and Latine; Wal|ter Hunt a Carmelit frier, a great diuine, and for his excellencie in learning sent from the whole bodie of this realme, vnto the generall councell holden first at Ferrara, and after at Florence by pope Eu|genius the fourth, where he disputed among other with the Gréekes, in defense of the order and cere|monies of the Latine church; Thomas Wighenhall a moonke of the order called Premonstratensis in the abbie of Durham in Norffolke.

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