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The duke being mooued with the persuasi|ons of Iohn Cheulet, which either little beleeued, or smallie suspected king Edward, to desire the earle for anie fraud or deceipt, or else seduced by blind aua|rice and loue of monie, more than honestie, fidelitie, or wisedome would require, did not consider what he vnaduisedlie did, or what he aduisedlie should haue doone. Wherefore, with all diligence he sent foorth Pe|ter Landoise his cheefe treasuror, commanding him to intercept and staie the earle of Richmond, in all hast possible, as before you haue heard.]

Abr. Fl. ex I.S. pag. 752. [...] Iohn [...]rosbie his [...] to the [...].¶In this yeare deceassed sir Iohn Crosbie knight, (not long before this, maior of London) and was bu|ried in the parish church of saint Helen in Bishops gate stréet, vnto the reparing of which parish church he gaue fiue hundred marks, and thirtie pounds to be distributed to poore housholders in the ward of Bi|shops gate: to the reparing of the parish church at Heneworth in Middlesex fortie pounds: to the repai|ring of London wall one hundred pounds: toward the making of a new tower of stone at the south|end of London bridge, if the same were begun by the maior and communaltie within ten yeares next af|ter his deceasse, one hundred pounds: to the repara|tions of Rochester bridge ten pounds: to euerie the prisons in and about London liberallie. Also he gaue to the wardens and communaltie of the gro|cers in London two large pots of siluer chased halfe guilt, weieng thirtéene pounds and fiue ounces of Treie weight, to be occupied in their common hall, and elsewhere, at their discretions.

In this yeare were inhanced to the honour of knighthood, [...] after the custome of England, in the time of peace the kings eldest son Edward prince of Wales, duke of Cornewall, and earle of Chester, his second sonne the duke of Yorke, and with them the earle of Lincolnes sonne and heire, the duke of Suf|folke, the lord Thomas Greie, the quéenes sonne, and Richard his brother, the earle of Shrewesburie, the earle of Wilshire, master Edward Wooduile, the lord Neuill, the lord Barkleis sonne and heire, the lord Audelies sonne and heire, the lord saint Amand, the lord Stanleis sonne and heire, the lord Suttons sonne and heire, the lord Hastings sonne and heire, the lord Ferrers of Charleis sonne and heire, ma|ster Herbert brother to the earle of Penbroke, ma|ster Uaughan Brian chiefe iudge, Litilton one of the iudges of the common plées,Litilton master Bodring|ham, master Brian Stapleton, Kneuit, Pilkinton, Ludlow, Charleton, &c. The same daie the king crea|ted the lord Thomas marquesse: Dorset before din|ner, and so in the habit of a marquesse aboue the ha|bit of his knighthood he began tho table of knight [...] in saint Edwards chamber. At that time he ordeined that the kings chamberleine should go with the anci|ent and well nurtered knight to aduertise and tea [...] the order of knighthood to the esquiers being in the baine. The king himselfe came in person and did ho|nour to all the companie with his noble councell.]

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