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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, towards his charges of late susteined, a competent summe of monie was demanded,A subsidie and fréelie granted. There was also a pardon granted al|most for all offenses;A pardon. and all men then being within the realme, were released and discharged of all high treasons and crimes, although they had taken part with his aduersaries against him. In this season the duke of Burgognie had sore wars with the French king;Ambassadors from the duke of Burgognie and to be the more spéedilie reuenged on his aduersarie, he sent ambassadors into England, to EEBO page image 694 persuade king Edward to make warre also on the French king, for the recouerie of his ancient right to the realme of France, by the same French king against all equitie withholden and deteined. In which attempt of his, there was some sauour of discréet po|licie, and a prouident forecast for his greater safetie, besides the likelie possibilitie to obteine that whereto he made chalenge: sith the huger hosts (if the hardier hearts) are of most force, according to that saieng:

Virtus vnita fortior.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And therefore, by procuring the king of Englands power to ioine with his, he supposed his purpose atchiueable with the more facilitie. King Edward not so much for the loue he bare to the duke of Bur|gognie, as for desire to be reuenged on the French king, whome he tooke to be his enimie for aiding the earle of Warwike, quéene Margaret, and hir sonne prince Edward, with their complices, gaue good eare to the duke of Burgognie his messengers, and final|lie (after he had taken aduise of his councell) the said messengers were answered, that king Edward in the beginning of the next yeare would land at Calis with a puissant armie, both to reuenge such iniuries as he had receiued at the French kings hands, and also to recouer his right, which he wrongfullie detei|ned from him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In déed the time serued verie well for the Eng|lishmen to atchiue some high enterprise in France at that present.Opportunitie not to be neg|lected. For not onelie the duke of Burgog|nie as then made warre against the French king, but also manie great men within the realme of France,The earle of S. Paule. misliking the manners of their king, be|gan to haue secret intelligence with the said duke; and namelie Lewes of Lutzenburgh earle of saint Paule constable of France was secretlie confede|rate with the duke of Burgognie, intending verelie to bring the French king to some great hinderance, the better to haue his purpose accomplished in cer|teine weightie matters. King Edward vnderstan|ding all these things, was greatlie incouraged to make a iournie into France, and therevpon with all diligence prepared all things readie for the same.

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