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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The duke of Summerset, and his brother the lord Iohn of Summerset led the fore-ward.The ordering of the lords hoast. The midle-ward was gouerned by the prince, vnder the conduct of the lord of saint Iohn, and the lord Wenlocke (whome king Edward had aduanced to the degrée of a baron.) The rere-ward was appointed to the rule of the earle of Deuonshire. Thus may yée perceiue, that king Edward was put to his shifts, how (to anie ad|uantage) to assault his enimies. Neuerthelesse, he being well furnished with great artillerie, the same was aptlie lodged to annoie the enimies, that they receiued great damage thereby;The duke of Glocester. and the duke of Glo|cester, who lacked no policie, galled them greeuouslie with the shot of arrowes: and they rewarded their aduersaries home againe with like paiment, both with shot of arrowes, and great artillerie, although they had not the like plentie of guns as the king had.Teukesburie field. The passages were so cumbersome, that it was not possible to come vpon anie euen hand, to ioine at handblowes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duke of Glocester, vpon a politike purpose (as some haue written) reculed backe with all his companie, which when the duke of Summerset per|ceiued, either mooued therewith; or else bicause he was too sore annoied with the shot in that place where he and his fore-ward stood,The duke of Summerset. like a knight more coura|gious than circumspect, came out of his strength with his whole battell, and aduanced himselfe some|wha [...] EEBO page image 688 aside slips the kings voward, and by certeine passages aforehand, and for that purpose prouided (to the kings part, although vnknowne) he passed a lane, and came into a faire open close right before the king, where he was imbattelled, not doubting but the prince and the lord Wenlocke, with the midle-ward, had followed iust at his backe. But whether the lord Wenlocke dissembled the matter for king Edwards sake, or whether his hart serued him not, still he stood, and gaue the looking on.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king, or (as other haue) the duke of Glocester, taking the aduantage that he aduentured for, Edw. Hall. turned againe face to face vnto the duke of Summerset his battell, and winning the hedge and ditch of him, en|tred the close, and with great violence put him and his people vp towards the hill from whence they were descended. Héere is to be noted, that when the king was come before his enimies, yer he gaue the onset, he perceiued that vpon the right hand of their campe there was a parke, and much store of wood growing therein; and doubting least his aduersaries had laid an ambush within that wood, he chose foorth of his companies two hundred speares, comman|ding them to keepe a stale,The politike foresight of the king. like a quarter of a mile from the field, to attend vpon that corner of the wood out of the which the ambush, if anie were, was to is|sue, and to incounter with them, as occasion serued: but if they perceiued that there was no ambush at all, then to imploie their seruice as they should see it expedient and behouefull for the time.

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