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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After they saw that they could not get Yorke, bi|cause they wanted ordinance, they determined with all speed to march toward London, intending to raise such a toie in the peoples minds, that they should thinke king Edward neither to be a lawfull prince, nor yet profitable to the common-wealth. King Ed|ward hauing perfect knowledge of all the dooings of the earle of Warwike, and of his brother the duke of Clarence, was by diuerse letters certified of the great armie of the northerne men, with all spéed comming toward London; and therefore in great hast he sent to William lord Herbert,The earle of Penbroke. whom (as yée haue heard) he had created earle of Penbroke; requi|ring him without delaie to raise his power, and in|counter with the northerne men.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Penbroke, commnolie called the lord Herbert, both readie to obeie the kings commande|ment, according to his dutie, and also desirous to re|uenge the malice which he bare to the earle of War|wike, for that he knew how he had béene the onelie let whie he obteined not the wardship of the lord Bonneuilles daughter and heire for his eldest sonne, accompanied with his brother sir Richard Herbert, a valiant knight, and aboue six or seauen thousand Welshmen, well furnished, marched forward to in|counter with the northerne men. And to assist him with archers, was appointed Humfrie lord Stafford of Southwike,The lord Stafford. named but not created earle of De|uonshire by the king, in hope that he would serue va|liantlie in that iournie: he had with him eight hun|dred archers.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When these two lords were met at Cotteshold, they heard how the northerne men were going to|ward Northampton: wherevpon the lord Stafford, and sir Richard Herbert, with two thousand well hor|sed Welshmen, rode foorth afore the maine armie, to sée the demeanour of the northerne men: and at length, vnder a woods side, they couertlie espied them passing forward, and suddenlie set on the rere-ward: but the northerne men with such nimblenesse turned about,The Welsh|men discom|fited. that in a moment the Welshmen were dis|comfited, and manie taken, the remnant returned to the armie with small gaine. The northerne men well cooled with this small victorie, went no further south|wards, but tooke their waie toward Warwike, loo|king for aid of the earle, which was latelie come from Calis, with his sonne in law the duke of Cla|rence, and was raising men to aid his freends and kinsfolke.

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