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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Sir Humfrie Neuill, and William Tailbois, calling himselfe earle of Kime, sir Rafe Greie, and Richard Tunstall, with diuerse other, which esca|ped from this battell, hid themselues in secret places: but yet they kept not themselues so close, but that they were espied and taken.The earle of Kime, other|wise Angus, beheaded. The earle of Kime was apprehended in Riddesdale, and brought to New|castell, and there beheaded. Sir humfrie Neuill was taken in Holdernesse, and at Yorke lost his head. Af|ter this battell called Exham field, king Edward came to the citie of Durham, and sent from thence into Northumberland the earle of Warwike, the lord Montacute, the lords Fauconbridge & Scroope, to recouer such castels as his enimies there held, and with force defended.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 They first besieged the castell of Alnewike, which sir Peter Bressie and the Frenchmen kept,Alnewike ca|stell besieged. and in no wise would yƩeld, sending for aid to the Scots. Wher|vpon sir George Dowglas erle of Angus, with thir|teene thousand chosen men, in the day time came and rescued the Frenchmen out of the castell; the Eng|lishmen looking on, which thought it much better to haue the castell without losse of their men, than to leese both the castell and their men, considering the great power of the Scots, & their owne small num|ber; and so they entered the castell and manned it. Af|ter this, they woone the castell of Dunstanburgh by force, and likewise the castell of Banburgh. Iohn Gois, seruant to the duke of Summerset, being ta|ken within Dunstanburgh, was brought to Yorke, and there beheaded.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Sir Rafe Greie being taken in Banburgh, for that he had sworne to be true to king Edward, was disgraded of the high order of knighthood at Do [...]|caster, by cutting off his gilt spurs, renting his cote of armes, and breaking his sword ouer his head: and finallie, he was there beheaded for his manifest per|iurie. After this, king Edward returned to Yorke, EEBO page image 667 where (in despite of the earle of Northumberland, who then kept himselfe in the realme of Scotland) he created sir Iohn Neuill, lord Montacute earle of Northumberland; and in reproofe of Iasper earle of Penbrooke, he created William lord Herbert earle of the same place. But after, when by mediation of friends, the earle of Northumberland was reconci|led to his fauour, he restored him to his possessions, name, and dignitie; and preferred the lord Montacute to the title of marques Montacute: so that in degree, he was aboue his elder brother the earle of War|wike; but in power, policie, & possessions, far mener.

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