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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The yoong king of Scots, lamenting the misera|ble state of king Henrie, comforted him with faire words and friendlie promises, and assigned to him a competent pension to liue on, during his abode in Scotland. King Henrie, in recompense of this cour|tesie and friendship, deliuered to the king of Scots the towne of Berwike, whereof he had got possessi|on. He faithfullie supported the part of king Henrie, and concluded a mariage betwixt his sister, and the yoong prince of Wales, but the same was neuer con|summate, as after ye shall heare. When king Henrie was somwhat setled in the relme of Scotland,Queene Mar|garet with hir sonne goeth into France. he sent his wife and his sonne into France to king Reiner hir father, trusting by his aid and succour to assemble an armie, and once againe to recouer his right and dignitie: but he in the meane time made his aboad in Scotland, to see what waie his friends in England would studie for his restitution.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The quéene being in France, did obteine of the yoong French king then Lewes the eleuenth, that all hir husbands friends, and those of the Lancastriall band, might safelie and suerlie haue resort into anie part of the realme of France, prohibiting all other of the contrarie faction anie accesse, or repaire into that countrie. ¶Thus ye haue heard, how king Hen|rie the sixt, after he had reigned eight and thirtie yeares & od moneths, was driuen out of this realme. But now leauing him with the princes of his part, consulting togither in Scotland, and queene Marga|ret his wife gathering of men in France, I will re|turne where I left, to proceed with the dooings of king Edward.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yoong prince, hauing with prosperous suc|cesse obteined so glorious a victorie in the mortall battell at Towton, and chased all his aduersaries out of the realme, or at the least waies put them to si|lence, returned after the maner and fashion of a tri|umphant conquerour, with great pompe vnto Lon|don; where according to the old custome of the realme, he called a great assemblie of persons of all degrees, and the nine & twentith daie of Iune was at West|minster with solemnitie crowned and annointed king. ¶ In which yeare, this king Edward called his high court of parlement at Westminster, in the which, the state of the realme was greatlie reformed, and all the statutes made in Henrie the sixt his time (which touched either his title or profit) were reuoked.

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