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¶The noble science of Printing was about this time found in Germanie at Magunce by one Iohn Cuthembergus a knight: Abr. Fl. ex [...] pag. 686, 687. Printing [...] inuented. one Conradus an Al|maine brought it into Rome: William Caxton of London mercer brought it into England about the yeare 1471: and first practised the same in the abbie of saint Peter at Westminster; after which time it was likewise practised in the abbies of S. Augustine EEBO page image 649 at Canturburie, saint Albons, and other monaste|ries of England.It rained bloud. In a little towne in Bedfordshire there fell a bloudie raine, whereof the red drops appee|red in shéets, the which a woman had hanged out for to drie.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But now to the former purpose. After that the earle was gone ouer to Calis, Anno Reg. 38. the duke of Yorke and the earle of Salisburie, falling in consultation togi|ther, it was at length agréed betwixt them, with ad|uise of their freends, that the said earle of Salisburie with a warlike companie should march toward the king; and signifie to him by waie of complaint, both the manifest iniurie doone to his sonne, and also the vncourteous breach of the sworne amitie and late a|gréement. In which sute if he preuailed, he should not then let passe the occasion giuen for reuenge of dis|pleasures to him doone,The earle of Salisburie gathereth a power. both by the quéene and hir si|nister councellors. After conclusion of this deuise, the earle of Salisburie remooued from Middleham ca|stell, accompanied with foure or fiue thousand men, and tooke his waie through Lancashire,Thrée thou|sand [...]aith Whethamsted to passe that waie towards London.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the meane season, the quéene, assisted and ru|led by the dukes of Summerset and Buckingham, hauing a vigilant eie to all hir businesse, imagined that the earle of Warwike had kindled this fier, to the intent to set the crowne on the duke of Yorks head. Wherefore she appointed Iames Twichet lord Audelie (bicause his power laie in those parties by the which the earle of Salisburie must passe) to raise an hoast of men with all speed,The lord Audelie. and to giue battell to the same earle, if he saw cause and place conuenient. She had deuised a cognisance of the white swan, [...] which she willed all such (as she knew to beare fauor vnto hir sonne) to weare, for a signification of their good minds and hartie loue towards him: which cog|nisance she had giuen to manie gentlemen of Ches|shire, and other countries thereabout.

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