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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Whilest the councell treated of sauing or dispat|ching of this duke of Yorke, a rumor sprang through London, that Edward earle of March, sonne and heire apparant to the said duke, with a great armie of Marchmen, was comming toward London: which tidings sore appalled the quéene and the whole coun|cell. Beside this, the verie same daie came ambassa|dours from the cheefe citizens and magistrats of the citie of Burdeaux; whereof the chéefe were, the earle of Kendale, and the lord de Lesparre; which signified to the councell, that if they would send an armie in|to Gascoigne, the people of the countrie would re|uolt from the French part, and eftsoones become English. These two things sore troubled the heads of the councell, which, least inward sedition might hin|der outward conquests,Occasion that set the duke of Yorke frée. set the duke of Yorke at li|bertie, and permitted him to go to his castell of Wig|more, in the marches of Wales, by whose absence the duke of Summerset rose in such high fauour, both with the king and quéene, that his word onelie ruled, and his voice alone was heard.

¶Neuerthelesse the said duke of Yorke had first made his submission, and tooke his oth to be true, Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. 671, 672. in Quart. faithfull, and obedient subiect to king Henrie the sixt king of England, in saint Pauls church at London, there being present the king, and most of his nobili|tie, that is to saie, the dukes of Buckingham, Nor|thampton, and Summerset: the earls of Warwike, Arundell, Salisburie, Shropshire, Deuonshire, Wiltshire, Northumberland, Stafford and Dorset, vicounts of Beaumount and Welles: barons, Fitz Warren, Sainmound, Cobham, Dowglas, and o|thers: bishops, the cardinall, archbishop of Yorke and Canturburie, Winchester, Elie, and London, in these words following.

15.1. The tenor of the duke of Yorks submis|sion to king Henrie, vnder his oth.

The tenor of the duke of Yorks submis|sion to king Henrie, vnder his oth.

_I Richard duke of Yorke confesse and beknow, that I am & ought to be humble subiect and liege|man to you my souereigne lord king Henrie the sixt, and owe therefore to beare you faith and truth, as to my soue|reigne liege lord, and shall doo all daies vn|to my liues end; and shall not at anie time will or assent, that any thing attempted or doone against your most noble person: but where so euer I shall haue knowledge of anie such thing imagined or purposed, I shall with all speed and diligence possible to me, make that your highnesse shall haue knowledge thereof: and ouer that, doo all that shall be possible to me, to the withstan|ding and let thereof, to the vttermost of EEBO page image 640 my life. I shall not anie thing take vpon me against your roiall estate or obeisance that is due thereto, nor suffer anie other man to doo, as farre foorth as it shall be in my power to let it: and also shall come at your commandement when so euer I shall be called by the same, in humble and obei|sant wise: but if I be letted by anie sicke|nesse or impotence of my person, or by such other cause as shall be thought by you my souereigne lord reasonable. I shall neuer hereafter take vpon me to gather anie rout, nor to make anie assemblie of your people, without your commandement or licence, or in my lawfull defense. In inter|pretation or declaration of the which my lawfull defense, I shall report me at all times to your highnesse, and if the case re|quire, to my peeres; nor any thing attempt against anie of your subiects, of what e|state, degree, or condition that they be. But when so euer I find my selfe wronged and agreeued, I shall sue humblie for remedie to your highnesse: and proceed after the course of your lawes, and in none other|wise: sauing in mine owne lawfull defense in maner aboue said, and otherwise haue to your highnesse as an humble and true sub|iect ought to haue him to his souereigne lord.

All these things aboue said I promise you trulie to obserue and keepe, by the ho|lie euangelists conteined in the booke that I laie my hand herevpon, and by the holie crosse I here touch, and by the blessed sa|crament of our Lords bodie, that I shall now with his mercie receiue. And ouer I agree me and will, that if I anie time here|after, as by the grace of our Lord God I neuer shall, anie thing attempt by waie of feat or otherwise against your roiall maie|stie, and obeisance that I owe therto, or a|nie thing take vpon me otherwise than is aboue expressed, I from that time foorth be vnabled, held, and taken as an vntrue and openlie forsworne man, and vnable to all maner of worship, estate, and degree, be it such as I now occupie, or anie other that might in anie wise grow vnto me hereaf|ter. And this I haue here promised and sworne, proceedeth of mine owne desire and free voluntee, and by no constraining or co-action. In witnesse of all the which things aboue written, I Richard duke of Yorke (aboue named) subscribe with mine owne hand and seale.

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