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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The French king vnderstanding all the ciuill discord and rebellious sturs in England, made ther|of his foundation, hoping to get into his hands and possession the duchie of Aquitaine: and therevpon sent the earles of Ponthienure and Perigort to laie siege to the towne of Bergerat, situate vpon the ri|uer of Dourdon, of which towne was capteine Iohn Gedding, who vpon reasonable conditions rendred the towne. But yet the lord Camois, sir George Seimor, and sir Iohn Arundell, with diuers other valiant capteins, hauing gouernance of the countrie, manned townes, gathered people, and re|comforted the fainting harts of the Gascoignes in all that they could, and withall sent letters ouer into England, certifieng to the kings maiestie, that with|out spéedie aid, and readie succours, the whole coun|trie was like to be conquered and woone out of the Englishmens possession.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Manie letters were sent, and manie faire an|swers were brought; but reléefe neither appeared, nor one man of warre was thither shipped: by reason whereof, the Frenchmen pursuing the victorie, got the fortresses of Iansacke, and S. Foie, with diuerse other péeces of importance thereabouts. Also, about the same time, the lord Doruall, third sonne to the lord de la Breth, with a great number of men, as well on horssebacke as on foot, departed from Basas, to conquer and destroie the Ile of Medoc. Wherevp|on the maior of Burdeaux issuing out, and incoun|tring with his enimies, was vanquished, losing six hundred Englishmen and Gascoignes: albeit the Frenchmen gained not this victorie with cléere hands, for there were slaine of them to the number of eight hundred persons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, the bastard of Orleance, with his bro|ther Iohn earle of Angolesme, which had béene long prisoner in England, and manie other valiant cap|teins, besieged the castell of Montguion, which to them was rendered. Afterwards, they besieged the towne of Blaie, standing on the riuer of Garonne, the which in conclusion by verie force was conque|red and woone. The bastard of Kendall, capteine of the castell, séeing the towne lost, vpon certeine reaso|nable conditions deliuered his fortresse to the ba|stard of Orleance, the French kings lieutenant. Af|ter this, the townes of Burgh and Liborne, after fiue wéekes siege, were likewise yéelded to the French|men. Then was the citie of Acques besieged by the erle of Fois, and the vicount de Lawtrec his brother, and other noble men.The [...] Arminack a open [...] So likewise was the strong towne of Rion by the earle of Arminacke, extreame enimie to the realme of England, for breach of the mariage concluded betweene king Henrie and his daughter. The earle of Ponthienure laid siege to Chatillon in Perigort, and the earle of Dunois in|uironned with great puissance the towne of Fron|sacke.

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