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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The duchesse of Bedford also, sister to Lewes erle of S. Paule, more for affection than increase of ho|nour, without counsell of hir freends, maried a lustie yoong knight, called sir Richard Wooduile, to the great displeasure of hir vncle the bishop of Terwine, and the earle hir brother. This sir Richard was made baron of Riuers, and after earle, and had by this ladie manie noble sonnes, and faire daughters, of the which one was the ladie Elizabeth,Quéene Eli|zabeth. after queene of Eng|land, by reason she was married vnto Edward the fourth. ¶ Whilest this marriage was a celebrating, Iane late quéene of England, and before duchesse of Britaine, daughter to the king of Nauarre, and wife to king Henrie the fourth, died at the manor of Ha|uering, and was buried by hir husband at Canturbu|rie. ¶ About the same time, deceassed also the coun|tesse of Warwike, and Henrie archbishop of Yorke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this yeare also, the duke of Summerset, ac|companied with the lords of Fauconbridge, Talbot, sir Francis Surien, the Arrogonnois, Matthew Or rather Goche. Gough, Thomas Paulet, Thomas Harington, Walter Limbrike, Iohn Gedding, William Wat|ton esquiers, and Thomas Hilton bailiffe of Rone, with a great companie of the English partie, besie|ged the towne of Harflue (latelie before gotten by the Frenchmen) both by water and land:Harflue besie|ged and woon by the Eng|lishmen. the capteine within the towne was one sir Iohn d'Estouteuille, hauing his brother Robert with him, and a six hun|dred good fighting men. The assailants cast tren|ches, and so fortified themselues in their campe and lodgings, that when the earles of Ew and Dunois, the valiant bastard of Bourbon, the lord Gawcourt, and other famous capteins, with a foure thousand men, sent to the rescue of them within, came b [...]fore the towne, they could not succour their fréends, nor annoie their enimies by anie meanes they could de|uise; & so for feare to lose honour, they returned backe againe, with much trauell and little profit.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The capteins within the towne perceiuing they could not be aided, did shortlie after render the towne to the duke of Summerset; who after com|mitted it to the kéeping of Thomas Paulet, Willi|am Limbrike, Christopher Barber, and George saint George, which manie yeares (till the diuision began in England) manfullie and valiantlie defended both the towne and the hauen. But afterward,The duke of Summersets infortunat [...]s when this duke of Summerset was regent and gouernour of EEBO page image 615 [...] EEBO page image 616 Normandie, he not onlie lost this towne of Harflue, but also the citie of Rone, and the whole duchie of Normandie,Iames king of Scots murthered. Abr. Fl. ex Polychr. whereas now (being but a deputie) he got it to his high praise and glorie. In this yeare was Iames king of Scots murthered by certeine trai|tors of his owne subiects [euen in his bedchamber by night, which king (saith Polychr.) had beene prisoner in England fifteene yeares, the murtherers of whom being afterwards taken, were terriblie executed.]

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