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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Burgognie, remaining still in his former purpose, assembled togither, of Flemings, Picards, Hollanders, and Heneweirs, a great ar|mie, to the number of fortie thousand, so well armed,The duke of Burgognie with fortie thousand mẽ. so well vitteled, so well furnished with ordinance, and garnished in all things, that they thought and bla|zed amongst themselues, that the Calisians would leaue their towne desolate, and flee for their safegard, hearing onelie of the dukes approch: but they recko|ned without their host; and so paid a déerer shot than they looked for. Now when this mightie armie was past the water of Grauelin, the duke intending to begin his feats, assaulted the little poore castell of Oie, which hauing in it but fiftie souldiers, whereof twelue sold their liues deerelie; the remnant (com|pelled by necessitie) yéelded themselues to the dukes EEBO page image 614 mercie. Which to please the Gantois (being of num|ber most puissant in all the armie) liberallie gaue to them, both the castell and prisoners, who (rude & cruell people) not onelie raced the castell, but also hanged nine and twentie of the captiues, and had so doone with the residue, if the duke, offended at their cruel|tie, had not willed a staie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 After this feat doone, the Picards besieged the ca|stell of Marke, & gaue thrée assaults to it. The Eng|lishmen within, being in number two hundred and six, vnder the gouernement of their capteine sir Iohn Gedding, valiantlie defended the place; vntill at length, despairing of succours, they yéelded them|selues (their liues & lims saued.) The castell of Marke being thus deliuered, was raced to the ground. Then the duke, accompanied with the duke of Cleues, the earle of Estampes, the lords of Dantoing, Croie, Crisquie,Calis besie|ged by the duke of Bur|gognie. Humiers, and manie other barons and knights, with his great armie, came before Calis, & placed his siege about the same, most to his aduan|tage: he gaue thrée assaults, and gained nothing by them, but constreined to kéepe them further off. At the first assault, the Hire which was come to sée the duke of Burgognie, was sore wounded and hurt. A cooling card it was also vnto them, still to sée ships arriued in the hauen out of England, openlie before their faces, laden with vittels, munition and men.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke on a daie riding about to view the situa|tion of the towne, to the intent to take his most ad|uantage (either by assault or otherwise) was quicke|lie espied, and with the shot of a canon, a trumpetter, which rode next before him, and thrée horsses in his companie were slaine out of hand. The lord of Croie, and a conuenient number with him, was appointed to besiege the castell of Guisnes, where he got little profit, and did lesse harme. Moreouer, for the better aduancing of his enterprise, the duke minded to stop vp the hauen; so that no succours should enter there.The dukes enterprise to bar y^ [...] hauen. Herevpon, he caused foure great hulkes to be fraught with great square stones, cemented and ioi|ned togither with lead, to the intent they should lie still like a mount, and not seuer in sunder.

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