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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The constable delaieng no time, came with his power, lodged by the charter house: and the lord Lisle Adam, approching to the walles, shewed to the citi|zens a charter, sealed with the great seale of king Charles,The treson of ye Parisiens. by the which he had pardoned them their of|fenses, and granted to them all their old liberties, and ancient priuileges, so that they would hereafter be to him true and obedient: which thing to them de|clared, they ran about the towne, crieng; S. Denis, liue king Charles. The Englishmen perceiuing this, determined to kéepe the gate S. Denis, but they were deceiued: for the cheines were drawne in eue|rie stréet, and women and children cast downe stones and scalding water on the Englishmens heads, and the citizens in armour fought with them and chased them from stréet to stréet, and from lane to lane, and slue and hurt diuerse and manie of them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The bishop of Terwine, chancellor there for king Henrie, the lord Willoughbie, and sir Simon Mor|uiher, tooke great paine to appease the people: but when they saw that all auailed not, they withdrew in|to the bastile of saint Anthonie, which fortresse they had well vittelled, and furnished with men and mu|nitions. Whilest this rumor was in the towne, the earle of Dunois and others scaled the walles, and some passed the riuer by botes, and opened the gate of saint Iames,Paris yéelded to ye French king. by the which the constable with his ban|ner displaied, entered, at whose entrie the Parisiens made great ioy. The bishop and the lord Willough|bie, with their small companie, defended their for|tresse ten daies, looking for aid: but when they saw that no comfort appeared, they yéelded their fortresse, so that they and theirs, with certeine baggage, might peaceablie returne to Rone. Thus was the citie of Paris brought into the possession of Charles the French king, through the vntrue demeanour of the citizens, who contrarie to their oths, and promised al|legiance, like false and inconstant people, so reuolted from the English.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this glorious gaine, the Frenchmen besie|ged the towne of Craill vpon Oise, wherof sir Wil|liam Chamberlaine was capteine, the which with fiue hundred Englishmen issued out of the towne, and after long fight, discomfited his enimies, & slue two hundred, and tooke a great number prisoners: the remnant not liking the market, departed to Campaigne, and other townes adioining. During which season, twelue burgesses of the towne of Gi|sours sold it for monie vnto Poiton de Xantrailes. But he had not the castell deliuered, & therefore with all his power he besieged the same; whereof the lord Talbot being aduertised, sent for the lord Scales, and they both with eightéene hundred men rescued the castell, tooke the towne, and discomfited their eni|mies, and slue of them aboue foure hundred persons.

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