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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Amongst other of the prisoners, were sir Richard Reginald de Fountaines, sir Alain Gerond, Alain Monsaie, and Geffrie Grame, capteine of the Scots. But yet this victorie and others the like, staied not the Frenchmen from working treason dailie, insomuch that diuers townes turned to the part of K. Charles, and some were taken by practise, as Diepe, Bois, Uincennes, and others. Abr. Fl. Sée before pag. 581. ¶So that here partlie was accomplished the prophesie of Henrie the fift, giuen out in the ninth yeare of his reigne when he laie at siege before Meaux, that Henrie of Windsore should loose all that Henrie of Monmouth had gotten (for so they are named according to the place of their nati|uitie) and this prediction was complet and full by that time the yeares of his regiment were expired.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But heere is one cheefe point to be noted, that ei|ther the disdeine amongest the cheefe péeres of the realme of England (as yée haue heard) or the negli|gence of the kings councell (which did not foresée dangers to come) was the losse of the whole domini|on of France, betwéene the riuers of Sone and Marne, and in especiall, of the noble citie of Paris. For where before, there were sent ouer thousands fo [...] defense of the holds and fortresses, now were sent hundreds, yea and scores, some rascals, and some not EEBO page image 613 able to draw a bowe, or carrie a bill: for the lord Willoughbie, and the bishop of Terwine, which had the gouernance of the great citie of Paris, had in their companie not two thousand Englishmen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Which weakenesse king Charles well perceiued, and therefore by authoritie appointed the constable, Arthur of Britaine, the earle of Dunois, the lords de la Roch, and Lisle Adam, with other valiant cap|teins and men of warre, as well Burgognions as French, to go before Paris, trusting by fauour of certeine citizens, with whome he had intelligence, shortlie to be lord of the citie, without great losse or battell. So these capteins came before the citie of Paris. But perceiuing that all things succeeded not according to their expectation, they returned to Mont Martyr, and the next daie suddenlie set on the towne of saint Denis, and constreined the English|men that kept it, to flée into the abbeie, and into the tower Uenin. In this conflict two hundred English|men were slaine, the residue vpon reasonable com|position rendered vp the place, and departed to Paris.

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