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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Shortlie after, Piers Audebeufe constable of the castell of Rone, corrupted with monie, suffered the marshall of France, with two hundred other,The castell of Rone like t [...] be taken by treason of the capteine. as per|sons disguised to enter the place by stealth: but they were soone espied, and driuen to the dungeon, where they were constrained to yéeld themselues priso|ners: of the which some were hanged, some headed, and some ransomed, at the pleasure of the regent. This pageant thus plaied, the lord regent sent the earle of saint Paule, and Robert lord Willoughbie, with a competent number of men to besiege the towne of S. Ualerie, which the Frenchmen a little before had taken. This siege continued the space of thrée wéeks; at the end whereof the Frenchmen with|in yéelded the towne, and departed with their horsse and harnesse onelie to them saued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The earle put there in garrison fresh and valiant souldiers, and appointed capteine there, sir Iohn Aubemond. ¶ In the same towne (whether by infec|tion of aire, or by corrupt vittels, which the townes|men did eat) a great pestilence shortlie after happe|ned, which consumed within a small time two parts of the people. The earle of saint Paule, and the lord Willoughbie returning backe to the regent, were ioifullie receiued, and within a while after, the earle departed from Paris to laie siege to the castell of Mouchas.The lord of saint Paule deceassed. But being incamped néere the towne of Blangie, he by a sudden maladie departed this life, the last of August, leauing his seigniories to Lewes de Lutzenburgh his sonne and heire. Bicause this dead earle was father in law to the regent, solemne obsequies were kept for him both in Paris and in London.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane season, Anno Reg. [...] the Frenchmen entering into high Burgognie, burnt, tooke, and destroied di|uerse townes; wherevpon the Burgognians assem|bled a great armie, both to reuenge their quarrels, and to recouer their townes taken from them. To whome as to his freends the duke of Bedford sent the lord Willoughbie, and sir Thomas Kiriell, with a conuenient number of souldiers, which entering in|to the lands of Laonnois, were incountered with a great power of their enimies. But after long fight, the Frenchmen were ouerthrowne, and of them left dead in the field an hundred and sixtie horssemen, be|side prisoners,Prisoners killed. which after vpon vrgent cause were all killed.

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