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Compare 1577 edition: 1 At this reconciliation, such as loued peace reioised (sith it is a fowle & pernicious thing for priuat men, much more for noblemen to be at variance, sith vpon them depend manie in affections diuerse, whereby factions might grow to the shedding of bloud) though others, to whom contention & hartgrudge is delight, wished to see the vttermost mischéefe that might ther|of insue, which is the vtter ouerthrow and desolation of populous tribes, euen as with a litle sparkle whole houses are manie times consumed to ashes; as the old prouerbe saith, and that verie [...] and aptlie;

Sola scintilla perit haec domus aut [...] illa.
But when the great fier of this [...] betwéene these two noble personages, was thus by the arbitra|tors (to their knowledge and iudgement) vtterlie quenched out, and said vnder boord; all other contro|uersies betwéene other lords, taking part with the one partie or the other, were appeased, and brought to concord, so that for ioy the king caused a solemne fest to be kept on Whitsundaie; on which daie he crea|ted Richard Plantagenet, sonne and heire to the erle of Cambridge (whome his father at Southhampton had put to death, as before yee haue heard) duke of Yorke, not foreséeing that this preferment should be his destruction, nor that his séed should of his genera|tion be the extreame end and finall conclusion. He the same daie also promoted Iohn lord Mowbraie, and earle marshall, sonne and heire to Thomas duke of Norffolke (by king Richard the second exiled this realme) to the title, name, and stile of duke of Norf|folke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 During this feast, the duke of Bedford adorned the king with the high order of knighthood, who on the same daie dubbed with the sword these knights, whose names insue: Richard duke of Yorke, Iohn duke of Norffolke; the earle of Westmerland, Hen|rie lord Persie, Iohn lord Butler, sonne to the earle of Ormond, the lord Rosse, the lord Matrauers, the lord Welles, the lord Barkelie; sir Iames Butler, sir Henrie Greie of Tankaruile, sir Iohn Talbot, sir Rafe Greie of Warke, sir Robert Uéere, sir Richard Greie, sir Edmund Hungerford, sir Water Wing|field, sir Iohn Butler, sir Reginald Cobham, sir Iohn Passheleu, sir Thomas Tunstall, sir Iohn Chedocke, sir Rafe Langstre, sir William Drurie, sir William ap Thomas, sir Richard Carnonell, sir Richard Wooduile, sir Iohn Shirdlow, sir Nicholas Blunket, sir William Cheinie iustice, sir William Babington, sir Rafe Butler, sir Robert Beau|champe, sir Edmund Trafford, sir Iohn Iune cheefe baron, and diuerse others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this solemne feast ended, a great aid and subsidie was granted for the continuance of the con|quest in France, and so therevpon monie was gathe|red, and men were prepared in euerie citie, towne, and countrie. During which businesse,The duke of Excester di|eth. Thomas duke of Excester, great vncle to the king, a right sage and EEBO page image 596 discréet councellor, departed out of this mortall life, at his manor of Gréenewich, and with all funerall pompe was conueied through London to Berrie, and there buried. ¶ In the same yeare also died the ladie Elizabeth, halfe sister to the same duke, and of the whole bloud with king Henrie the fourth, maried first to the lord Iohn Holland, duke of Excester, and after to the lord Fanhope, buried at the blacke friers of London.

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