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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Dolphin which lay the same time in the citie of Poit [...]ers, after his fathers deceasse, caused himselfe to be proclamed king of France, by the name of Charles the seuenth: and in good hope to recouer his patrimonie, with an haultie courage preparing war, assembled a great armie: and first the warre began by light skirmishes, but after it grew into maine battels. The Dolphin thinking not to lose anie occa|sions EEBO page image 586 of well dooing,Pont Meu|lan surprised by the Frẽch. sent the lord Grauile to the towne of Pont Meulan, standing on the riuer of Seine, who comming to the same vpon the sudden, the fouretéenth of Ianuarie, tooke it, and slue a great number of English souldiors, Enguerant. which he found within it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the duke of Bedford the regent, aduertised of this sudden surprise, appointed the lord Thomas Montacute earle of Salisburie (a man both for po|licie and courage, liker to the old Romans than to men of his daies) accompanied with the earle of Suffolke, the lord Scales, the yoong lord Poinings, sir Iohn Fastolfe maister of the houshold, with him|selfe, and diuerse others, to besiege the said towne of Pont Meulan, which after two moneths siege was rendred to the said earle,Lord Grauile falsified his oth. and the lord Grauile sware [...]o be true to the king of England euer after that day: but shortlie after, forgetting his oth, he turned French againe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Salisburie appointed sir Henrie Mortimer, and sir Richard Uernon, capteins of the towne, and from thence went into Champaigne, and there besieged the towne of Sens, tooke it, and sir William Marin the capteine within it, and slue all the souldiors that kept it, made capteins there sir Hugh Godding, & sir Richard Aubemond. ¶ In this season, Humfrie duke of Glocester, either striken in loue, or vpon some other occasion, maried the ladie Iaquet or Iaquelin, daughter and sole heire to Wil|liam of Bauier duke of Holland, which was law|full wife to Iohn duke of Brabant then liuing, who afterwards (as after ye shall heare) recouered hir out of the dukes hands.

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