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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, Iohn Lucke, a doctor of diuinitie in Oxenford, a sore enimie to the Wiekleuists; Richard Caister borne in Norfolke, vicar of saint Stephans in Norwich, a man of great holinesse and puritie in life, fauouring (though secretlie) the doctrine of the Wickleuists, and reproouing in his sermons, the vn|chast manners and filthie example that appeared in the cleargie. Of sir Iohn Oldcastell lord Cobham ye haue heard before; William Walleis a blacke frier in Lin, and prouinciall of his order here in Eng|land, W. P. made a booke of moralizations vpon Ouids Me|tamorphôseis, comparable to postils vpon Aesops Fables; Richard Snetisham, a student in Oxenford, where he profited so greatlie in learning and wise|dome, that he was accounted the chéefest in all that vniuersitie, in respect whereof he was made chancel|lor of the same, chosen also to be one of the twelue to examine and iudge vpon Wickliffes doctrine by the archbishop of Canturburie; Iohn Langdene a monke of Christes church in Canturburie, an other of those twelue; William Tailor a priest, and a ma|ster of art in Oxenford, a stedfast follower of Wic|kliffes doctrine, & burnt for the same in Smithfield at London, the second day of March, in the yeare of our Lord 1422, & last of king Henrie the fift his reigne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Furthermore, Richard Grasdale student in Oxen|ford, one of those twelue also; William Lindwood a lawier excellentlie learned, as well in the ciuill as canon lawes, aduanced to the seruice of this king, and made by him kéeper of the priuie seale, sent in ambassage both to the kings of Spaine and Por|tingale, about businesse of most weightie impor|tance. It is said that he was promoted to the bishop|rike of saint Dauid; Bartholomew Florarius, sup|posed (as Bale saith) by Nicholas Brigham, to be an Englishman, wrote a treatise called Florarium, whereof he tooke his surname and also an other trea|tise of abstinence, in which he reprooueth certeine cor|rupt manners in the cleargie, and the profession of friers mendicants; Adam Hemmelington, a Car|melite frier, studied both in Oxenford and Paris; William Batecombe is placed by Bale about the time of other learned men that liued in this kings time, he was an excellent mathematician, as by the EEBO page image 585 the title of his works which he wrote it should ap|peare.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Titus Liuius de Foro Luuisiis liued also in these daies, an Italian borne: but sith he was both resiant here, and wrote the life of this king, I haue thought good to place him among other of our English wri|ters. One there was that translated the said historie into English, adding (as it were by waie of notes in manie places of that booke) sundrie things for the more large vnderstanding of the historie: a copie whereof I haue séene belonging to Iohn Stow citi|zen of London. There was also about the same time an other writer, who (as I remember) hath followed the said Liuius in the order of his booke, as it were chapter for chapter, onelie changing a good, familiar and easie stile, which the said Liuius vsed, into a cer|teine poeticall kind of writing: a copie whereof I haue séene (& in the life of this king partlie followed) belonging to master Iohn Twine of Kent, who (as I was informed) meant to leaue to posteritie some fruits of his labours for the due vnderstanding thereof.

Thus farre Henrie the fift sonne and successor to Henrie the fourth.

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