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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time, at the sute of certeine bishops and abbats of Normandie, the king confirmed vnto them their ancient priuileges, granted by the former dukes of Normandie and kings of France, except such as were granted by those whome he reputed for vsurpers, and no lawfull kings or dukes. He also e|stablished at Caen the chamber of accounts of the re|uenues of his dukedome of Normandie. In Rone he began the foundation of a strong tower behind the castell, that from the castell to the tower, and from the tower to his palace, the men of warre appointed there in garrison, might passe in suertie without dan|ger of the citie, if herhaps the citizens should attempt any rebellion.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this sixt yeare, whilest these things were adoo|ing in Normandie,She was cõ|mitted to the safe kéeping of Pelham, who appointed hir nine seruants to attend hir [...] conueied h [...]r to the castell of Pompsey Tho. Walsin. Frier Rãdoll. quéene Io [...]e late wife of king Henrie the fourth, and mother in law to this king, was arested by the duke of Bedford the kings lieute|nant in his absence, and by him committed to safe kéeping in the castell of Leeds in Kent, there to a|bide the kings pleasure About the same time, one frier Randoll of the order of Franciscanes that pro|fessed diuinitie, and had béene confessor to the same queene, was taken in the Ile of Gernesey; and being first brought ouer into Normandie, was by the kings commandement sent hither into England, and committed to the Tower, where he remained till the parson of the Tower quarelling with him, by chance slue him there within the Tower ward. It was reported that he had conspired with the quéene by forcerie and necromancie to destroie the king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Whilest the king remained in Rone, to set things in order for the establishment of good policie in that citie, he sent abroad diuerse of his capteins, with con|uenient forces to subdue certeine townes & castels in those parties, as his brother the duke of Clarence,Uernon and Mante taken by the Eng|lish. who wan the strong towne of Uernon and Mante. In Uernon was sir William Porter made cap|teine, and in Mant the earle of March. The earle of Salisburie wan Hunflue, Titus Liuius. Hunflue takẽ. after he had besieged it from the fourth of Februarie vntill the twelfth of March. This towne was giuen afterwards vnto the duke of Clarence. Also the said earle of Salisburie wan the townes of Monster de Uilliers, Ew, New|castell, and finallie all the places in that quarter, which till that present were not vnder the English obei|sance. At Newcastell sir Philip Léech was made cap|teine.

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