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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this manner he passed through the citie to our ladie church, and there hauing said his orisons, he caused his chapleins to sing this antheme: Quis est tam magnus dominus: Who is so great a lord as our God. This doone, he came to the castell, where he con|tinued a good space after, receiuing homages and fe|alties of the burgesses and townesmen, and setting orders amongst them. He also reedified diuerse for|tresses, and townes, during which time he made pro|clamation, that all men which would become his sub|iects, should inioy their goods, lands & offices, which proclamation made manie townes to yéeld, and ma|nie men to become English the same season.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Britaine, vnderstanding that if the king of England should continue in possession of Normandie, Titus Liuius. his countrie could not but be in great danger, if he prouided not to haue him his freend, vp|on safe conduct obteined for him & his retinue, came to Rone with fiue hundred horsses, and being hono|rablie receiued of the king, after conference had be|twixt them of diuerse things, at length they agréed vpon a league on this wise,A league con|cluded be|twéene king Henrie and the duke of Britaine. that neither of them should make warre vnto the other, nor to any of the others people or subiects, except he that meant to make war denounced the same six moneths before. Thus this league being concluded, the duke tooke leaue of the king, and so returned into Britaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time, at the sute of certeine bishops and abbats of Normandie, the king confirmed vnto them their ancient priuileges, granted by the former dukes of Normandie and kings of France, except such as were granted by those whome he reputed for vsurpers, and no lawfull kings or dukes. He also e|stablished at Caen the chamber of accounts of the re|uenues of his dukedome of Normandie. In Rone he began the foundation of a strong tower behind the castell, that from the castell to the tower, and from the tower to his palace, the men of warre appointed there in garrison, might passe in suertie without dan|ger of the citie, if herhaps the citizens should attempt any rebellion.

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