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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the French commissioners were returned into the citie without any conclusion of agréement, the poore people ran about the streets, crieng, and cal|ling the capteins and gouernors murtherers and manquellers, saieng that for their pride and stiffe sto|machs all this miserie was happened, threatning to slea them if they would not agrée vnto the king of Englands demand. The magistrats herewith ama|zed, called all the townesmen-togither to know their minds and opinions. The whole voice of the com|mons was, to yeeld rather than to sterne. Then the Frenchmen in the euening came to the tent of sir Iohn Robsert, requiring him of gentlenes to mooue the king, that the truce might be prolonged for foure daies. The king therevnto agréed, and appointed the archbishop of Canturburie, and the other seuen be|fore named for his part, and the citizens appointed a like number for them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The tents were againe set vp,The articles cõcerning the yéelding vp of Rone. and dailie they met togither, and on the fourth daie they accorded on this wise, that the citie and castell of Rone should be deli|uered vnto the king of England, at what time after the middest of the ninetéenth daie of that present mo|neth of Ianuarie, the said king willed the same; and that all the capteins and other men whatsoeuer, dwel|ling or being within the said citie and castell, should submit them in all things to the grace of the said EEBO page image 568 king: and further, that they should paie to the said king thrée hundred thousand scutes of gold, where|of alwaies two should be woorth an English noble, or in stead of euerie s [...]ute thirtie great blankes white, or fiftéene grotes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Moreouer it was accorded, that euerie soldier and stranger, being in the said citie and castell, should sweare on the euangelists before their departure, not to beare armour against the king of England, before the first daie of Ianuarie next to come. Also they within the towne should suffer all the poore people li|eng in ditches, or about the ditches of the citie, which for penurie were chased out, to enter the citie againe and to find them sufficient food till the said ninetéenth daie of Ianuarie. There were diuerse other articles, in all to the number of two and twentie agréed as|well on the behalfe of the citizens, as of king Hen|rie, who granted, that all the souldiers, strangers, and other within the said citie and castell at that time, be|ing not willing to become his lieges, should depart, after that the citie and castell was once yéelded, frée|lie without let, leauing to the said king all their ar|mors, horsses, harnesse, & goods, except the Normans, which if they should refuse to become lieges to him, were appointed to remaine as his prisoners, togither with one Luca Italico,Luca Italico. The vicar generall of the archbi|shoprike of Rone for de|nouncing the king accursed was deliuered to him and de|teined in pri|son till he died. Titus Liuius. One Alane Blanchart was likewise deliuered to him, & by his cõmandement [...]ut to death. Trãslator of Titus Liuius. King Hẽries entrie into Rone. and certeine others.

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