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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king laie with a great puissance at the Char|treux house, on the east side of the citie, and the duke of Clarence lodged at S. Geruais before the port of Ca [...] on the west part.Before Pont S. Hilarie. Titus Liuius. The duke of Excester tooke his place on the north side: at port S. Denis, be|tweene the dukes of Excester and Clarence, was appointed the earle marshall,The order of the siege. euen before the gate of the castell; to whome were ioined the earle of Or|mond,Before the gate called Markeuile. Titus Liuius. and the lords Harington and Talbot, vpon his comming from Dampfront: and from the duke of Excester toward the king, were incamped the lords Ros, Willoughbie, Fitz Hugh, and sir Willi|am Porter, with a great band of northerne men, e|uen before the port of saint Hilarie. The earles of Mortaigne and Salisburie were assigned to lodge about the abbie of saint Katharine.Salisburie & Huntington on the other side of the ri|uer of Seine. Sir Iohn Greie was lodged directlie against the chappell called mount S. Michaell: sir Philip Léech treasuror of the warres kept the hill next the abbeie, and the baron of Carew kept the passage on the riuer of Seine, and to him was ioined that valiant esquier Ienico Dar|tois.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On the further side of the riuer were lodged the earles of Warren and Huntington, the lords Ne|uill and Ferrers, sir Umfreuile. Gilbert Umfreuile with a well furnished companie of warlike soldiers directlie be|fore the gate called Port de Pont. And to the intent that no aid should passe by the riuer toward the citie, there was a great chaine of iron deuised at Pont Larch, set on piles from the one side of the water to the other: and beside that chaine, there was set vp a new forced bridge sufficient both for cariage and pas|sage, to passe the riuer from one campe to another. The erle of Warwike that had latelie woone Damp|front,The lord Talbot. was sent to besiege Cawdebecke, a towne standing on the riuer side, betweene the sea and the citie of Rone [A memorable fea [...] in seruice néere to that place was doone at that time by a well minded man then noted soone after in writing: W. P. which mat|ter vnable to be better reported than by him that had so well marked it, nor like to be more trulie expressed than by the ancient simplicitie (and yet effectuall) of the selfe same words wherein they were written, therefore thought méetest to haue them rehearsed as they were in order, thus.

14.1. The truth of the said memorable feat as it was reported in writing.

The truth of the said memorable feat as it was reported in writing.

_MEmorandum, that my lord the earle of Warwike did send out my cosin sir Iohn Bromley and my cosin George Umfreuile with an hundred archers, and about two hun|dred soldiers a strett,A conflict néere to Caw|debecke. to keepe at a little ca|stell called the Stroo neere to Cawdebeke where they wearen met with aboue eight hundred Frenchmen & the fraie betweene them long yfought, and the Englishmen in great dread and perill: till at length by the might of God and saint George, the feeld did fall to our Englishmen, & the French|men wearen put to flizt, and thear wearen yslaine aboue two hundred Frenchmen, and as manie ytaken prisoners, and their capteine who was ycalled the lord of Estri|sles was thear also yslaine,The L. of E|strisles slaine. and thear wea|ren yslaine of our Englishmen my said co|sin George Umfreuile and about twentie mo: on whose solles Iesus haue mercie,George Um|freuile slaine. and thear wearen hurt in the face my said cosin sir Iohn Bromley & my cosin Wal|ter Audeley sore wounded and maimed in the right arme of his bodie,Walter Aude|ley sore woũ|ded. he then being but of the age of eighteene yeares. But thankes be giuen to the blessed Trinitee, thear wearen manie noble victories ywoon by the said noble erle of Warwike and his folke, as in his officiall booke (written by Maister Iohn le Tucke then present with the said noble earle) is amplie recorded. My said cosin Walter Audeley died at War|wike the seauenteenth daie of Iulie And this sir Iohn Brom|ley departed from this life the fourth day of Sept. 1419. which w [...]s in anno reg. 7. as by the office takẽ after his death remain|ing of record in ye castell of Chester dooth manifestlie appeare. anno Domini one thousand foure hundred and twentie, and was buried at Acton in Che|shire, neere the bodie of my said cosin sir Iohn Bromley: on whose solles Iesus haue mercie. By me sir Richard Braie, chapleine to my ladie the old countesse of Warwike; Iesus Maria, Amen, Pater noster, Aue Maria.

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