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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But after he had made an end, the duke of Exce|ster, vncle to the king, a man well learned and wise, who had béene sent into Italie by his father, inten|ding that he should haue béen a preest) replied against the erle of Westmerlands oration,The duke of Excester his wise and pi|thie answer to the earle of Westmerlãds saieng. affirming rather that he which would Scotland win, he with France must first begin. For if the king might once com|passe the conquest of France, Scotland could not long resist; so that conquere France, and Scotland would soone obeie.A true saieng. For where should the Scots lerne policie and skill to defend themselues, if they had not their bringing vp and training in France? If the French pensions mainteined not the Scotish nobi|litie, in what case should they be? Then take awaie France, and the Scots will soone be tamed; France being to Scotland the same that the sap is to the trée, which being taken awaie, the trée must néeds die and wither.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 To be briefe, the duke of Excester vsed such ear|nest and pithie persuasions, to induce the king and the whole assemblie of the parlement to credit his words, that immediatlie after he had made an end, all the companie began to crie; Warre, warre; France, France. Hereby the bill for dissoluing of re|ligious houses was cléerelie set aside, and nothing thought on but onelie the recouering of France, ac|cording as the archbishop had mooued. And vpon this point, after a few acts besides for the wealth of the realme established, the parlement was proroged vn|to Westminster. ¶ Some write, that in this parle|ment it was enacted, that Lollards and heretikes with their mainteiners and fauourers should be Ipso facto adiudged guiltie of high treason: but in the sta|tute made in the same parlement against Lollards, we find no such words: albeit by force of that statute it was ordeined, that persons so conuicted & execu|ted, should lose their lands holden in fée simple, and all other their goods and cattels, as in cases of fe|lonie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 During this parlement,Ambassadors from ye Frẽch king and from the duke of Burgognie there came to the king ambassadors, as well from the French king that was then in the hands of the Orlientiall faction, as also from the duke of Burgognie, for aid against that faction; promising more (as was said) than laie well in his power to performe. The king shortlie after sent ambassadors to them both, as the bishop of Dur|ham, and Norwich, with others.Creation of dukes. Moreouer at this parlement, Iohn the kings brother was created duke of Bedford, and his brother Humfrie duke of Glocester. Also, Thomas Beaufort, Harding. marquesse Dor|set, was created duke of Excester. Immediatlie af|ter,Ambassadors sent to Frãce. the king sent ouer into France his vncle the duke of Excester, the lord Greie admerall of Eng|land, the archbishop of Dubline, and the bishop of Norwich, ambassadors vnto the French king, with fiue hundred horsse, which were lodged in the temple house in Paris, keeping such triumphant cheere in their lodging, and such a solemne estate in their ri|ding through the citie, that the Parisiens and all the Frenchmen had no small meruell at their honora|ble port.

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