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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Adde to these Iohn Wardbie an Augustine frier, and a great diuine; Robert Waldbie excellentlie EEBO page image 509 learned as well in diuinitie as other arts, for the which he was first aduanced to a bishoprike in Gas|coigne, [...]nen [...]is [...]iscopus. and after he was admitted archbishop of Du|bline; William Berton a doctor of diuinitie, & chan|cellor of the Uniuersitie of Oxford, and aduersarie to Wickliffe; Philip Repington abbat of Leicester a notable diuine and defender of Wickliffe, Thomas Lombe a Carmelite frier of Lin, Nicholas Here|ford a secular priest, a doctor of diuinitie, and scholer to Wickliffe; Walter Brit also another of Wickliffes scholers wrote both of diuinitie & other arguments, Henrie Herklie chancellor of the Uniuersitie of Ox|ford, an enimie to Wickliffe, and a great sophister; Robert Iuorie a Carmelite frier of London, and the twentith prouinciall of his order here in England; Lankine a Londoner, an Augustine frier, professed in the same citie, a doctor of diuinitie, an aduersarie to Wickliffe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 More, William Gillingham a moonke of saint Sauiours in Canturburie; Iohn Chilmarke a fel|low of Marton colledge in Oxford, a great philoso|pher and mathematician; Iohn Sharpe a philosopher, and a diuine, wrote manie treatises, a great aduer|sarie to Wickliffe; Richard Lauingham borne in Suffolke, and a frier of Gipswich, an excellent logi|cian, but a sore enimie to them that fauoured Wic|kliffes doctrine; Peter Pateshull, of whome ye haue heard before: it is said that he was in the end con|streined for doubt of persecution to flie into Bo|heme; William Woodford a Franciscane frier, a chosen champion against Wickliffe being now dead, procured thereto by the archbishop of Canturburie Thomas Arundell; Iohn Bromyard a Dominicke frier, both a notable lawyer & a diuine, a sore enimie also to Wickliuists; Marcill Ingelne an excellent philosopher and a diuine, one of the first teachers in the Uniuersitie of Heidelberge, which Robert duke of Bauier and countée palantine of the Rhene had in|stituted about that season; Richard Northall sonne to a maior of London (as is said) of that name, he be|came a Carmelite frier in the same citie; Thomas Edwardson prior of the friers Augustines at Clare in Suffolke, Iohn Summer a Franciscane frier at Bridgewater, an enimie to the Wickliuists; Ri|chard Withée a learned priest & an earnest follower of Wickliffe, Iohn Swafham a Carmelite frier of Lin, a student in Cambridge, who became bishop of Bangor, a great aduersarie to the Wick|liuists.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Finallie, and to conclude, William Egumond a frier heremit of the sect of the Augustins in Stam|ford; Iohn Tissington a Franciscane frier, a main|teiner of the popes doctrine; William Rimston or Rimington a moonke of Salleie, an enimie also to the Wickliuists; Adam Eston well séene in the toongs, was made a cardinall by pope Gregorie the eleauenth, but by pope Urban the sixt he was com|mitted to prison in Genoa, and at the contemplation of king Richard he was taken out of prison, but not fullie deliuered till the daies of Boniface the ninth, who restored him to his former dignitie; Iohn Beau|fu a Carmelite of Northampton, proceeded doctor of diuinitie in Oxenford, and was made prior of his house; Roger Twiford aliàs Goodlucke, an Augustine frier; Iohn Treuise a Cornishman borne, and a secu|lar préest and vicar of Berklie, he translated the bi|ble; Bartholomew De proprietatibus rerum; Polychro|nicon of Ranulph Higden, and diuerse other treatises, Rafe Spalding a Carmelite frier of Stamford; Iohn moone an Englishman borne, but a student in Paris, who compiled in the French toong the Ro|mant of the Rose, translated into English by Gef|frie Chaucer, William Shirborne; Richard Wich|ingham borne in Norffolke, and diuerse other.

Thus farre Richard of Burdeaux, whose depriuation you haue heard; of his lamentable death here|after, to wit, pag. 516, 517.

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