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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The archbishop (as we haue said) hauing stripped him, first annointed his hands, then his head, brest, shoulders, and the ioints of his armes with the sacred oile, saieng certeine praiers, and in the meane time did the quéere sing the antheme, beginning, Vnx [...]runt regem Salomonem, &c. And the archbishop added ano|ther praier, Deus Dei filius, &c. Which ended, he and the other bishops soong the hymne, Veni creator spiritus, the king knéeling in a long vesture, & the archbishop with his suffraganes about him. When the hymne was ended, he was lift vp by the archbishop, and clad first with the coate of saint Edward, and after with his mantell EEBO page image 417 mantell, a stoale being cast about his necke, the archbishop in the meane time saieng certeine praiers appointed for the purpose. After this, the archbishop and bishops deliuered to him the sword, saieng, Accipe gladium, &c.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When that praier was ended, two earles girded him with the sword, which doone, the archbishop gaue to him bracelets, saieng, Accipe armillas, & c. After this, the archbishop did put vpon him an vppermost vesture, called a pall, saieng, Accipe pallium, &c. In the meane time, whilest the archbishop blessed the kings crowne, he to whose office it apperteined, did put spurs on his héeles. After the crowne was bles|sed, the archbishop set it on his head, saieng, Coronet te Deus, &c. Then did the archbishop deliuer to him a ring, with these words, Accipe annulum, &c. Immedi|atlie herewith came the lord Furniuall by vertue of his office, offering to him a red gloue, which the arch|bishop blessed, and putting it on his hand, gaue to him the scepter, with these words, Accipe sceptrum, &c. Then did the archbishop deliuer to him in his other hand a rod, in the top whereof stood a doue, with these words, Accipe virgam virtutis, &c. After this the arch|bishop blessed the king, saieng, Benedicat de Deus, &c.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 These things doone, the king kissed the bishops and abbats, by whome he was lead afterwards vnto his seat, the bishops beginning to sing (Te deum) which ended, the archbishop said to him, Sta & retine amodo locum, &c. When these things were finished, they be|gan masse, the bishop of Worcester read the epistle, and the bishop of Elie the gospell. At the offertorie, the king rose from his seat, and was brought to offer. He therfore offered first his sword, and after so much gold as he would, but no lesse than a marke, by rea|son of the custome; for more he might offer to God and S. Peter, but lesse he could not. After this, he of|fered bread and wine, with which he and the archbi|shop did after communicate. This doone, the earle, to whome it apperteined to beare the sword before the king, redéemed the sword which the king had offered with monie, and receiuing the same, bare it afore the king. When masse should be soong, the king was brought againe to the altar, & there knéeling downe, and saieng Confiteor to the archbishop, did communi|cate, and so was brought backe to his seat. The war|dens of the cinque ports by their office, as well in time of the procession, as when he was annointed al|so at masse time, and as he returned from the church to the palace to dinner, held ouer him a large cano|pie of blew veluet, fastened vnto foure slaues at the foure corners.

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