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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherevpon when they sawe that such practises would not serue their turne, they came suddenlie one night into the chamber where he laie in bed fast a|sléepe, and with heauie featherbeds or a table (as some write) being cast vpon him, Tho. Wals. they kept him down and withall put into his fundament an horne, and through the same they thrust vp into his bodie an hot spit, Thom. de la More. or (as other haue) through the pipe of a trumpet a plumbers instrument of iron made verie hot, the which passing vp into his intrailes,K. Edward the second murthered. and being rolled to and fro, burnt the same, but so as no appearance of any wound or hurt outwardlie might be once percei|ued. His crie did mooue manie within the castell and towne of Berkley to compassion, plainelie hearing him vtter a wailefull noise, as the tormentors were about to murther him, so that diuerse being awake|ned therewith (as they themselues confessed) praied heartilie to God to receiue his soule, when they vn|derstood by his crie what the matter ment.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The quéene, the bishop, and others, that their tyran|nie might be hid, outlawed and banished the lord Ma|treuers, and Thomas Gourney, who flieng vnto Marcels, thrée yeares after being knowne, taken, EEBO page image 342 and brought toward England was beheaded on the sea, least he should accuse the chiefe dooers, as the bi|shop and other. Iohn Matreuers, repenting himselfe, laie long hidden in Germanie, and in the end died penitentlie. Thus was king Edward murthered, in the yeare 1327,The fond opi|nion of the ignorant peo|ple. on the 22 of September. The fame went that by this Edward the second, after his death manie miracles were wrought. So that the like opi|nion of him was conceiued as before had beene of earle Thomas of Lancaster, namelie amongst the common people. He was knowne to be of a good and courteous nature,The nature & disposition of king Edward the second. though not of most pregnant wit.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And albeit in his youth he fell into certeine light crimes, and after by the companie and counsell of e|uill men, was induced vnto more heinous vices, yet was it thought that he purged the same by repen|tance, and patientlie suffered manie reproofes, and fi|nallie death it selfe (as before ye haue heard) after a most cruell maner. He had suerlie good cause to re|pent his former trade of liuing, for by his vndiscreet and wanton misgouernance, there were headed and put to death during his reigne (by iudgement of law) to the number of 28 barons and knights, ouer and be|side such as were slaine in Scotland by his infortu|nate conduct.

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