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Compare 1577 edition: 1 They sent Eustace de Uescie also vnto Willi|am king of Scotland, to signifie to him,Eustace Ue|scie sent into Scotland. that king Iohn vpon his arriuall in England, would satisfie him of all such right as he pretended to haue within the English dominions. And thus was king Iohn accompted and proclaimed king of England by the EEBO page image 158 generall consent of all the lords and barons of the same. The names of the cheefe of those péeres that were sworne (as you haue heard) are as followeth. Dauid earle of Huntington brother vnto William king of Scots Richard earle of Clare, Ranulfo earle of Chester, William earle of Tutherie or ra|ther Darbie, Walran earle of Warwike, Roger Lacie constable of Chester, and William de Mow|braie, with diuerse other, whose names I here omit, bicause I would not be tedious and irksome to the readers.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now the king of Scotland being informed by the lord Eustace Uescie (who had maried his daugh|ter) that there was some hope to be had on his part, for the recouerie of such seigniories as he and his pre|decessours somtime held in England, did further dis|patch sundrie ambassadours with full purpose to send them ouer into Normandie vnto king Iohn, there to require restitution of the countries of Nor|thumberland and Cumberland, with their appurte|nances, and he promised also by his letters, that if the same might be granted vnto him, in as ample man|ner as they had béene in times past to his ancestors, he would gladlie doo his homage to king Iohn, as to the true & lawfull king of England for the same, and furthermore yéeld to him his faithfull seruice a|gainst all men, so often as he should be required ther|vnto. Howbeit when the archbishop of Canturburie and the rest of the councell, vnderstood that these am|bassadors should passe through England, they would not suffer them so to doo, but spéedilie sent Dauid earle of Huntington into Scotland vnto the king his brother, requiring him earnestlie that he would not send any ambassadours ouer as yet, but rather tarie, and take patience a while, till the king should come ouer into England: which (as they said) he purposed to doo verie shortlie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Iohn also hauing vnderstanding of his pur|pose, sent ouer the said lord Eustace againe vnto him with the like request, who in such wise persuaded him, that he was contented to abide a time, in hope of the better successe in his late attempted suit. And all this was doone chéeflie by the working of the kings mo|ther, whom the nobilitie much honoured and loued. For she being bent to prefer hir sonne Iohn, left no stone vnturned to establish him in the throne, com|paring oftentimes the difference of gouernement betweene a king that is a man, and a king that is but a child. For as Iohn was 32 yeares old, so Arthur duke of Britaine was but a babe to speake of. In the end, winning all the nobilitie wholie vnto hir will, and séeing the coast to be cleare on euerie side, without any doubt of tempestuous weather likelie to arise, she signified the whole matter vnto K. Iohn, who foorthwith framed all his indeuours to the ac|complishment of his businesse.

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