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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Whilest these things passed thus in these parties, the christians in the holie land dailie sent hither for aid, wherevpon the two kings of France and Eng|land tooke counsell togither,The 2. kings of England & France deter|mine to go in|to the holie land. and determined with all conuenient speed to ioine their powers, & with ships prepared for that purpose to saile into Syria. Ha|uing thus concluded, they went about to prepare themselues of necessarie prouision for so long a iour|nie.At South|hampton the 21 of August saith Ger. Dor. Now when king Richard had set in order his af|faires in Normandie and France, he came ouer in|to England, landing at Portesmouth the 13. of Au|gust. With him also came his brother Iohn, vnto whom he assigned the castels of Marlebridge, Rog. Houed. Matth. Pari [...]. Lute|gareshall, Peake, Bollesour, the honor of Walling|ford, Tikehill and Eie, with the earledoms of Mor|taigne, Dorset, Sumerset, Notingham, Derbie, Deuonshire, and Cornewall, with the earledome of Lancaster, intituling him earle of the same, whereby he was so exalted in state and degree, that he séemed in manner of a tetrarch, hauing as it were a fourth part of the realme in gouernance: but yet the king held some of the castels (in those counties and honors thus giuen to his brother) in his owne hands. More|ouer, vnto William Marshall he gaue in marriage the daughter of Richard earle of Chepstow, togither with the earledome which hir father possessed; and to Gilbert Fitz Roger the sonne of Rainfrey he gaue the daughter of William de Lancaster. After he was landed (as before ye haue heard) he hasted to Winchester, where his mother quéene Elianor with the most part of the English nobilitie had laine a good space to attend his comming, and there on the e|uen of the assumption of our ladie, the king was by them receiued with great ioy and triumph.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ Here is to be noted, that whilest the quéene and lords laie in Winchester waiting for the kings arri|uall, EEBO page image 118 Geffrey Riddle the bishop of Elie departed this life. He is named by Geruasius Dorobernensis the proud bishop of Elie: but he might rather haue named him the rich bishop, for he left in his cofers no small quantitie of treasure, of the which thrée thou|sand and two hundred marks came to the kings part towards the charges of his coronation. No maruell though Geruasius spake somewhat in his dis|praise, for (as he himselfe confesseth) he was no fréend but an enimie to moonks.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to let this passe, soone after the kings com|ming into England, he was informed that the Welshmen had broken into the English marshes, and destroied certeine townes; to represse whose pre|sumptuous attempts he made towards them, but was yet staied for that time, & reuoked by his mother. At Salisburie he found his fathers treasure,His fathers treasure. highlie reioising, for that the summe was far greater than he thought it would haue prooued, for besides the pre|tious stones, apparell, and iewels, it was reported he had there the sum of nine hundred thousand pounds in readie coine. With this good hap king Richard not a little aduanced, came to London on the first of September, R. Houed. Gau. Vinsaf. Nic. Triuet. The second of September saith Ger. Dor. where he had appointed prouision to be made for his coronation, and so calling a councell of the Nobles of the realme, he receiued the crowne with all due and accustomed solemnitie, at the hands of Baldwin the archbishop of Canturburie, the third daie of September.

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