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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At the last Philip the earle of Flanders and Wil|liam archbishop of Reimes, with Hugh duke of Burgoine, came to king Henrie to moue waies of agréement, and to conclude the same betwixt him on the one partie, and the French king and earle Ri|chard on the other partie. Earle Richard had the Bri|taines and them of Poictou confederate with him, vnder such conditions, as he might not agrée with his father, vnlesse they might be comprised in the a|gréement. At length they agreed vpon conditions,A peace con|cluded. not altogither aduantageable to the king of Eng|land, yet in the end, Chateau Raoul was restored to king Hnerie with all that had béene taken from him since the time that the French king & he tooke vpon them the crosse: on the other part king Henrie did homage to the French king, which in the beginning of this warre he had surrendred and renounced. He was bound also to paie to the French king 20.Thirtie thou|sand to the [...] and twentie [...] the barons [...] France, [...] Ger. Dor. thousand markes for the aid which earle Richard had receiued of him: moreouer to resigne and acquite vnto the French king, all that which either he or his predecessours held or possessed within Aluergue. Other articles there were which king Henrie a|gréed vnto sore against his will, as the deliuerie of the ladie Alice or Adela, and such other, which (as not much materiall) we passe ouer.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This peace was concluded not farre from Towrs, Rog. Houed. It Gisor [...] saith Ger. Dor. in a place appointed conuenient for both the kings to méet in, about the feast of the apostles Peter and Paule. And (as writers record) there chanced great thunder and lightening at the verie time when the two kings came to enteruiew and talke togither, so that the thunderbolt did light betwixt them two: & yet (notwithstanding such thunder & lightening) the aire was cleare and nothing troubled.Strange thunder & lightning. The two kings parted a sunder through feare thereof for that day, and on the next day the like chance happened, greatlie to the terrour of them both. Which mooued king Henrie the sooner to condescend to the agree|ment.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer this is not to be forgotten, that when all matters were quieted and accorded amongst them, King Henrie required to haue all their names deli|uered vnto him in writing, which had promised to take part (and were ioined as confederates) with the French king and earle Richard. This was granted, and when the roll was presented vnto him, he found his sonne Iohn the first person that was named in that register, wherewith he was so troubled and dis|quieted in his mind, that comming to Chinon he felt such gréefe hereof, that he curssed euen the verie daie in which he was borne, and as was said, gaue to his sonnes Gods cursse and his, the which he would ne|uer release, although he was admonished to doo it both of sundrie bishops and other religious and god|lie men. Thus saith Houeden.

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