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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Afterward, when the earle of Flanders and the earle of Blois with diuerse other earles and barons of the Realme of France, laid their armor aside, pro|testing openlie that they would not put on the same againe to make warre against any christian,A commenda|ble protestati|on and wor|thie to be noted. till they should returne from their iournie which they had vowed into the holie land, the French king destitute of men to serue him, made sute once againe to king Henrie, that they might méet and talke of peace, which was hardlie granted, and so they met on the morrow after saint Faithes daie, or the seauenth of October, at Chatellon, where they entreated of a forme of peace,Castellium. so that the French king should haue restored all that he had taken within the coun|tries belonging to king Henrie, and likewise Ri|chard earle of Poictou should deliuer vp vnto the earle of saint Giles (otherwise called earle of Tho|louse) all that he had taken from him since the breach of the last truce. But when king Henrie would not deliuer the castell of Pascie in pledge to the French king, they departed in sunder (as before) without any thing concluded. The king of France after this tooke the castell of Paiuell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Upon the eightéenth day of August the two kings came againe togither about a new treatie of peace betwixt Bonsemblance and Sukennie,Another trea|tie betwixt the two kings where the French king offered king Henrie, to restore to him all that he had taken by his last warres, if his sister Alice might be ioined in marriage with Richard erle of Poictou, now eldest sonne aliue to king Henrie, and that all king Henries subiects might doo homage and sweare fealtie to the same Richard. But king Henrie after the old prouerbe, Ictus piscator sapit, ha|uing bought his experience with the féeling of smart, & bearing in memorie the iniuries done to him by his sonne Henrie, after such his aduancement to king|lie degrée, would not grant the French kings re|quest herein. Wherevpon a further mischeefe happe|ned, for his sonne earle Richard (taking displeasure that his father should denie him that honour, which made altogither for his more assurance to succeed him as king) fell from his said father manifestlie, and became the French kings man,Erle Richard reuolteth from his father to serue the French king. dooing homage to him also without consent of king Henrie, for all those lands that belonged to his said father on that further side the sea. The French king for his homage and fealtie gaue him Chateau Raoull and Ysoldun, with all the honour thereto belonging.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ Some write, that the cheefest cause which mooued king Henrie to refuse to ioine his sonne earle Ri|chard and the ladie Alice, Polydor. daughter vnto the French king in marriage togither, was, for that he was lin|ked in the combersome chaine of hot burning loue with the same ladie, and therefore he sought all the shifts of excuses & delaies that might be imagined; so that it appeared he had no mind to part with hir. The truth was (as writers affirme) he had alreadie persuaded hir to satisfie his lust, insomuch that he li|ked hir so well, that he ment to be diuorsed from his wife quéene Elianor, and to marrie this yoong ladie, which if he might bring to passe, and haue children by hir, he purposed to disherit those which he had by Elianor, and to make the other which he should haue by Adela his legitimat and lawfull heires. Rog. Houed. Yet before they departed from this communication, a truce was taken to endure till the feast of S. Hilarie. And Henrie bishop of Alba a cardinall that was sent from the pope to end this controuersie betwixt these two mightie princes, accursed Richard earle of Poi|ctou, for that by his meanes the troubles rose and were continued betwixt them.

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